Poetry Guinea Pigs

This week I have been in Gladstone, Calliope and Tannum Sands, for the biennial Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale. There will be more posts to come about this, but for Poetry Friday, I share poems and pics from my workshop groups, where we were writing… POETRY! (Of course! :P) This group snuck in so quietly I […]

Picture Books Pulse

School holidays means, no; school lunches, early mornings, pressures and routines. Creativity uncoils and my brain has space to explore possibilities and see the bigger picture of writing… My July ‘holidays’ in a nutshell… In fact, I made 20 submissions, which, if son knows anything about probability and the publishing industry, will surely mean two […]

Bossy Words

This year I’ve been back on class. And the planning, marking and soon-to-come reporting, has been a concern. I can’t seem to write creatively, with such big thinks hanging over my head. On Monday, I finished the official planning documentation. I then threw myself into some pressing writing business, and then… I should just let […]

March Madness – Poetry Tournament

After writing a poem a day for January, and a haiku a day for February, it most definitely IS madness to have put my name down for a poetry tournament in March – but silly, smart or otherwise, I’ve done it. And I’m sure it will be fun! You can read more about it at  Ed […]

Queensland Writers Week – My Challenge

The Queensland Writers Centre is celebrating 20 years supporting Queensland writers. To mark the occasion, they are hosting Queensland Writers Week from 11th – 17th October 2010; an open festival championed by individual writers, community groups, schools and organisations.

Poetic Imagery

Today I am visiting Sally Murphy’s, to talk poetry. In 2009, Sally and I co-hosted the weekly Verse Off competiton to celebrate the launch of Sally’s first verse novel, ‘Pearl Verses the World’ and my rhyming picture book, ‘This is the Mud!’. Remember that mad month of muddy MAYhem? March has seen the release of Sally’s […]


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