March Madness – Poetry Tournament

After writing a poem a day for January, and a haiku a day for February, it most definitely IS madness to have put my name down for a poetry tournament in March – but silly, smart or otherwise, I’ve done it. And I’m sure it will be fun! You can read more about it at  Ed DeCaria’s blog, Think Kid, Think. (You can read the official rules here.)

Today the draw went up. Pressure is mounting! It’s a knock-out tournament, so each round – each poem – counts! My Round One ‘opponent’ is Carol Wilc. (It’s okay, Carol. I play nice. :P)  Continue reading

What a (Woeful) Week.

Writing is a journey of ups and downs. Just when you feel like you’ve got it together – it can all come crashing down…

Last week was on of those weeks. After the excitement of Play School came the Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale – a feast for children and children’s authors/illustrators in the Port Curtis Region. It is one of the highlights of my year – and this was made even more exciting with the launch of ‘Net-a-Story’, an online component that I was involved with, mentoring students across our region.

But in amongst this busy happiness rolled…

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Poetic Imagery

Today I am visiting Sally Murphy’s, to talk poetry.

In 2009, Sally and I co-hosted the weekly Verse Off competiton to celebrate the launch of Sally’s first verse novel, ‘Pearl Verses the World’ and my rhyming picture book, ‘This is the Mud!’. Remember that mad month of muddy MAYhem?

March has seen the release of Sally’s second verse novel, ‘Toppling’ – a story that promises to be as warmly emotive as ‘Pearl’.  For the month of March, Sally has invited poets and readers to post tips and reflections about poetry to her blog. You can check them out here.

Hugs and warm wishes to you, Sally, as you celebrate the release of ‘Toppling’. Enjoy!

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Ebb and Flow – How do you write?

How do you write?

I used to feel inadequate when I heard writers say they set aside a certain number of hours each (and every) day for solid writing. When many of those same writers then questioned the dedication of others who didn’t adhere to this rigid discipline… I for one would cringe.

Because I don’t think all writers follow that set rule – and I certainly don’t. It’s not that I’m not committed. And it’s not that I don’t love my writing. It’s just that I don’t work that way.

For myself, I find the ‘real’ writing comes in waves. Sometimes my head is a swirling pool of ideas and I write and write and write – or drive everyone crazy!

Other times, I (gasp!) write nothing. I may not have the time or headspace to write. I may be caught up in other aspects of my life, like work and family. I might be trapped in the ‘business’ of writing. Sometimes I just (gulp) don’t have the ideas.

But then there are those wonderful times when the writing flows out of my fingers like a river in flood and I know that I still am a writer.

For me, writing in bursts is a case of quality verse quantity. I am at my best when my life is busiest. I find I am focused and productive. I make every moment count – every word count. Then, with my head cleared of thoughts, I have time, space and energy to devote to other important areas of my life.

And funnily enough, those ‘other areas’ are often my greatest sources of inspiration. So though I’m not writing, I’m doing research. Being inspired… Drifting with the flow… Subconsciously churning plots and plans ready to ride the next wave of creativity.

Now, I don’t force it – except when I slip up. And I don’t fight it. I’d go crazy! I know my best writing happens when I relax and enjoy the ebb-and-flow of writing.