Book-Themed Costume Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking about Book Week costumes at the last minute. But don’t panic! I’ve got your covered, with quick and EASY ideas for my books. Save time on costumes and have more time to do what we all love best, right? READ!!

Enjoy! 😀

Running out of time and in a spin? Shaun and Toby can help you get On Track! Mohawk optional – or DIY with own hair.

Don’t have a discus? Don’t worry! Two plastic plates are perfect. Or a round lid. Or a foam/cardboard circle.

Sweet! Let’s cheat…

If Book Week has crept up like a sly wolf, mask your panic with a #DIY mask. Click the pink to go direct to the templates.

Don’t get bogged down on Book Week costumes. Mooove right along with a beefy cow costume!

No excuses needed to horse around during Book Week. Neigh way!