Writing Prompts: Progressive Stories

Looking for activities that you can do at home? Or with a group of friends online? A progressive story is a story that is written as it’s passed from author to author – without collaboration during the writing process. Progressive stories are a lot of fun – because your co-authors take the story places you may not have anticipated. AND you don’t have to think of everything yourself!

Below are some stories I’ve started, that I need you and your friends to finish!

How to Write a Progressive Story:

  1. Download the story starter. (Below.)
  2. Find four friends* to take part ‘with’ you. If you have more friends, that’s fine. Your story will just be longer.🙃 (While you will all contribute to the same story, you’ll work independently, which is why this is perfect for working from home.)
  3. Each person will write one section of the story and perhaps even include an illustration to suit. The final friend writes the conclusion AND comes up with the title.
  4. And you’re done!

What to do When it’s Your Turn to Write:

  1. Read through the story.
  2. Make a list of characters.
  3. Story arc what has happened already, and what you think will happen between now and the end.
  4. Develop a profile of each character. Be consistent to the character thus far – and develop them further as you write.
  5. Write your section of the story.
  6. Edit your work.
  7. Send the story to the next friend on your list.
  8. The FINAL friend needs to then share the completed story with everyone in the group. (I’d also love to see what you have done, too, but get your parents’ permission first, before sending me an email.😺)

Progressive Story Starters:

Click on the link to download the story prompts.

Other Resources:

* Family can be friends, too.😉