RIBBITS – Class Poem

This year I’m leaping back into classroom teaching, working part-time in a Year 3 room. My first (gorgeous!) class was a straight Year 3 (everything else has been multi-age) so I’m really looking forward to the year. Sadly, this is the only poem I’ve written this week, in my Month of Poetry. We’ve had an […]

#MoP16 Poetry Friday Update

Poetry Friday is here again. Well – it is in American-time, anyway. But I’m running late in Australia. Thank-you to Keri at Keri Recommends
 for collating the round-up this week. Click across to Keri’s blog to read the assortment of poetry posts and be inspired. Today I’m sharing a snippet from a verse novel that I’ve finally (halfway […]

#MoP16 Poems for my Nieces

This Month of Poetry is a lot more relaxed, playing with poetry at my whim. It’s always nice to snapshot moments of the new year, and I had planned to work on a verse novel that’s stuck halfway (I haven’t toughed that yet).. but I hadn’t planned to write a little collection of poems for my […]

A Poetry Path in Ohio

Lovely Sandy Fussell (@SandyFussell) shared a link online last week, showing a Poetry Path at Worthington Libraries, in Ohio. Someone may have shared on #PoetryFriday before I joined the conversation (?) but if not, I’m sure you’d love to wander through. I know I appreciated Sandy tweeting it. (And shared it with my local library […]


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