Egret Blossoms, Evening Chorus

I wrote this first haiku five years ago, but I find myself appreciating it anew this week – perhaps because school holidays means I have time to notice the egret tree blossoming? And another evening oldie, this from 2012, in which I’m pleased to note, there is an element we’ve outgrown – and it’s not […]

Verse Novel News & Views

Last week was a happy week for me.  I signed a contract on a new verse novel for younger readers. *excitement*  I discovered a ‘Bully on the Bus’ classroom door. Online. But an actual door, to an actual classroom in Victoria. I opened the classroom door (in a virtual sense) and discovered powerful little poetry bites, […]

Reasons to Love Poetry

There are so many reasons to love poetry. Here are a couple of mine. I’m very interested to know yours. Don’t forget the Poetry Friday link-up, which will be collected and collated at A Penny and Her Jots – where Penny has been very playful with her words, mustering up a poem about word-wrangling. Yee-haw!

Book Week 2016

It’s Book Week in Australia; book character costumes, author visits, library visits and celebrations of all things bookish. Day One was the costume parade. I dressed up as Tiddalick the frog – and was thrilled to see Brette from my chapter book, ‘Fencing with Fear’ also put in a surprise appearance. Day Two we had […]

Poetry Olympics – Join In!

Who knew that poetry used to be an Olympic sport? From 1912-1948, Olympians competed in The Arts, which included architecture, sculpture, painting, music and … literature. Medals were awarded for works inspired by sport. In fact, founder of the Modern Olympic, Baron Pierre de Coubertin is a previous gold medal winner, with his poem, ‘Ode […]

Still the Greatest – Michael Phelps

Following the Beijing Olympics in 2008, I wrote this metaphor recipe poem about the Greatest Olympian of All Time… A lot of time has passed since then – and a lot has changed… yet nothing has changed. From 8 gold medals after Beijing, to 20 gold medals (and more) at Rio, Michael Phelps is still the […]

How to Host an Author or Illustrator at Your School

Read their books before the visit. Talk about what makes this book different from other books you’ve read … and what makes this book special. Talk about how the book makes you feel … and techniques the author and/or illustrator has used to achieve this. Talk about the shape and placement of the words on […]

Poetry Guinea Pigs

This week I have been in Gladstone, Calliope and Tannum Sands, for the biennial Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale. There will be more posts to come about this, but for Poetry Friday, I share poems and pics from my workshop groups, where we were writing… POETRY! (Of course! :P) This group snuck in so quietly I […]