A Voice on the Coast

The Sunshine Coast was grey and nippy-cool-windy, but the atmosphere was warm and welcoming for¬†Voices on the Coast, organised by Immanuel Lutheran College and co-ordinated by the lovely (super-busy!) Kelly Dunham – with a willing support crew of volunteer adults and students … and family!   I was thrilled to be included in the line-up […]

Torquay School Visit

New books make for busy times! Last week I had a day with students at Torquay State School. There were author talks with three different class groupings, and in the middle of it all, a 2hr poetry workshop with about 30 keen and talented kids. We got through HEAPS of funtastic poetry exercises, with some […]

On Track and Celebrating

This week saw the publication of On Track – and it’s been such a wonderful celebration. First stop: Sandy Strait State School for Wide Bay Readers Cup. I was invited as guest Quiz Master, because Bully on the Bus was one of the the Yr 5/6 set texts. Readers Cup was amazing. There were 180 […]

Exciting Arrivals

This week the troop train came through town. They were doing re-enactments at various stops along the way… but sadly, our station was too small for that. But they stopped. And called messages to the kids through the fence. And then they puffed off down the tracks again. If I’d known the troop train was […]

Somerset CELEBRATION of Literature

The Somerset Festival of Children’s Literature was an extravagant celebration of literature by a whole school community, shared with a much wider community. It was a blast and I was thrilled to be involved in this wonderful event. These pics don’t begin to capture the festive atmosphere or the fun had by all. But they […]

Kat’s #PostItNotePoetry Collection

A little late, but better than never… This is a collage of my February #PostItNotePoetry collection. There are more than 28 – because some days I just wrote more, though I didn’t always share all of them via twitter. They’re not in any specific order – just randomly arranged to fit the windows of opportunity […]


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