Cruising into the New Year

Well, I certainly didn’t expect 2016 to end like that! Late October we were gifted with the unexpected opportunity to travel to South America and the Antarctic. Cue a flurry of activity – and emotions. I took a gazillion photos. And wrote very little. I had no idea it would be beyond-words amazing… Expect to see some blog […]

The Poem that Didn’t Make the Cut

This week around the interwebs, poets are posting their poems that didn’t make it into the One Minute Till Bedtime collection, released by Little, Brown in the US on the 1st of November. The poem I subbed (with American spelling and all!) was Mommy’s Shadow. But to be completely honest with you, it was actually […]

Collating an Anthology – with Kenn Nesbitt

I had a few questions about the process of compiling a poetry collection, and I’m delighted to share Kenn Nesbitt’s insights with you, along with links to the Australian poets included in the collection, ‘One Minute Till Bedtime’.

Writing Exercise

Just slipping in quickly with this short poem, that perhaps tells you what I’ve been doing. Anyone else familiar with this … situation? #amwriting #amediting #ameating #amexercising A photo posted by Kat (@kat.apel) on Nov 24, 2016 at 5:45pm PST Insert ‘editing’ for ‘writing’ and you have my day in a nutshell. Copy edits have […]

One Minute Till… NOW!

This week saw the release of One Minute Till Bedtime, a poetry collection compiled by Kenn Nesbitt, which includes two of my poems. That was exciting… but it got even more exciting when my pre-ordered book arrived, yesterday, in the middle of a crazy-busy 24hours. I haven’t had a chance to read it cover-to-cover yet, but […]

Epigram How-To

This week’s Poetry Friday post is about another short-form poem to build your writing muscles on – the epigram. I’m linking direct to the new page I’ve created, under the Whisker of Poetry tab, so that it’s easy for people to click back and find at a later date. To read about the wise and […]

Storybird Snippets

It’s been a while since I stretched my wings on Storybird, but over the weekend I hatched a couple of poems, and as always had fun with the format – so thought I’d share two with you. I saw carrots in this art by Bitskoff, and thought of my son, who would easily eats 1kg of […]

My Niece Announces The Best Cat

*STOP THE PRESS* I just received the most adorable email from my sister – so this week’s scheduled Poetry Friday post has been delayed, until next week. (And I was rather chuffed with it, so please do check back next week. 🙂 ) During my Month of Poetry this year, I wrote a (different) poetry […]

One Minute Till Bedtime – Coming Soon

There’s a new book coming, 1st November, that’s starting to make a lot of noise around the interwebs. It’s a hardcover poetry collection edited by former US poet laureate Kenn Nesbitt, illustrated by Christoph Niemann, and published by Little, Brown. With over 140 new poems from more than 130 poets around the world, I’m thrilled to […]

Homograph Tetractys

Last week I created a tetractys page, with how-to and examples. Such a versatile little poetry form. I particularly like the double tetractys, and included a couple of my own variants, including the homonym, and homphone tetractys – but discovered I didn’t have a homograph tetractys. But I do now. You will perhaps recognise numerous clichés, […]