Poetry Guinea Pigs

This week I have been in Gladstone, Calliope and Tannum Sands, for the biennial Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale. There will be more posts to come about this, but for Poetry Friday, I share poems and pics from my workshop groups, where we were writing… POETRY! (Of course! :P) This group snuck in so quietly I […]

Picture Books Pulse

School holidays means, no; school lunches, early mornings, pressures and routines. Creativity uncoils and my brain has space to explore possibilities and see the bigger picture of writing… My July ‘holidays’ in a nutshell… In fact, I made 20 submissions, which, if son knows anything about probability and the publishing industry, will surely mean two […]

A Lot of Cats

Party Games No. 13 (Found when packing up my Grandma’s house.) A Lot of Cats (So of course I had to shnavel and share it!) 1. A Church book _________________________ 2. Found on a dairy _________________________ 3. An arranged list _________________________ 4. A grub _________________________ 5. The principal church _________________________ 6. Strings of a racquet […]

A Poetry Treasure

Tabatha has the Poetry Friday round-up for us this week, at http://tabathayeatts.blogspot.com. Do click across and read the many wonderful posts collated there! This past week I’ve been helping my parents pack up my grandparent’s home. My larrikin Grandan lost a protracted battle with cancer when I was in Year 8, and my quieter Grandma died […]

Word Art – Zentangle Poetry

I love words, but I’m not so good with art. So when I find a way of using words to create art… I fall a little bit in love. I’m a little big bit in love with zentangle poetry – a form of found poetry, not unlike blackout poetry, except that instead of blacking out […]

A Week of Words

I love sharing the love of words and story with kids. I’m often amazed by their articulation, and deeply moved by their observations. It’s exciting to see them stretching themselves and trying new things in their own wordplay. And there is that something extra special about hearing teacher’s awe when responding to the words/works of […]

Australian Stories Threatened

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago, we were fighting to protect Australian stories, and our vibrant Australian publishing industry… and yet here we are again! The Australian Government is again looking to remove Parallal Import Restrictions on books, ripping the heart out of the Australian publishing industry.


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