Storybird Snippets

It’s been a while since I stretched my wings on Storybird, but over the weekend I hatched a couple of poems, and as always had fun with the format – so thought I’d share two with you.

I saw carrots in this art by Bitskoff, and thought of my son, who would easily eats 1kg of carrots in a day – every day, if he could! But maybe we all would like some carrots (even little mousies) … so sharing is a good thing to remember. 😉


Being tall, I loved the perspective in this picture, by dwelldeep. And the words were a perfect match. Well, I thought so. 🙂


If you haven’t tried Storybird yet, this post will help you get started, with visuals so you know what to expect. (Aside from gorgeous illustrations!) Or you can click across and see more of my Storybird poems – because of course there are lots more. And some I really like.

How to Storybird

Kat’s Storybird Poetry

Comments from readers are purrrrfect!

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