Amber the Cow

A cheeky friend told me recently, “For someone who’s scared of cows, you sure post a lot of cow pictures to Instagram.” And she’s right – but she’s wrong! I don’t post a lot of cow pictures – I just post a lot of pictures of Amber. She’s the only cow I’m not scared of! She’s a very special cow. Not only did I bottle raise her, but she has been in my heart (and our family) for a very long time. Twenty-three years, actually. (She’s older than my boys!) And to top it all off, she’s also the cow who inspired Warren Crossett’s illustrations in ‘This is the Mud!’. But she doesn’t just belong on Instagram. I decided to give Amber her own ‘paddock’ on my blog – for all those kids who don’t get to see her pictures at author talks.

10 years of reading with Amber. Still her favourite book! Pics taken in March 2009 and again in July 2019.

Such a beautiful girl! (Pictures taken in January 2019)

Talking of cows… Lots of kids ask me, “Why are you scared of cows?” This may be why…

(Nestles – not Amber.)