Bully on the Bus Stuff

These activities relate to my verse novel, ‘Bully on the Bus’. There are more great activities as a part of the Teacher’s Notes, which you can download here, or on the NSW Teacher’s Federation website here. Download a Study Guide (Prepared & shared by Yr4 teacher, Glenys Rathjen) here.

I will continue to add activities and links here, as they become available. Please share, if you spot something online that I don’t have here. Thanks!

Click on the image to download these activities fullsize.

Wolf Mask1 

Wolf Mask 2 & 3 looks fabulous with the head copied onto dark grey or dark brown, and the features copied onto light grey or tan.

Wolf Mask2 - Head

Wolf Mask2 - Features

Wolf Mask3 - Head 

Wolf Mask3 - Features

Shape poems can be collections of words or phrases  – or rhyming poetry. Click on the picture to download A4 outlines to print for bus and wolf shape poems.

Bus Shape Poem Outline

Wolf Shape Poem Outline

Pinterest board where I pin activities or slogans relevant to Bully on the Bus here;


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