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Getting into the spirit with Borobi, at the Queen’s Baton Relay.

Have you ever cooked up a poem? This is a favourite recipe of mine – for a Sport Star poem. You can’t fail to cook up some winning words!

This recipe requires a mix of metaphors – so we probably should talk about how to choose a metaphor.

A metaphor is a comparison between two things, based on resemblance or similarity, without using “like” or “as”. We use metaphors to create a strong visual image – so choose comparisons that create vivid pictures, and sound appealing. Don’t pick a cliché – that’s already been done.


Recipe for a Sport Star Poem:

Sport Star’s Name

Sport Star is… an animal
Sport Star is… an instrument
Sport Star is… a transport
Sport Star is… a tool
Sport Star is… a weather
S/he is ……………………….


Recipe poems are great fun, because they give a start-point, and structure – but you can spice them up with creativity! For example;

Michael Phelps (short version)

Michael Phelps is
a killer whale.
Michael Phelps is
a set of crashing cymbals.
Michael Phelps is
a supersonic rocket.
Michael Phelps is
a pool cleaner.
Michael Phelps is
a raindrop.
He is the greatest
Olympian of all time.


Michael Phelps (extended version)

Michael Phelps is a killer whale
slicing through the ocean
in pursuit of frantic seals.
Michael Phelps is a set of
crashing cymbals building tension
in a dramatic orchestral performance.
Michael Phelps is a supersonic rocket
soaring into outer space –
returning to his own galaxy.
Michael Phelps is a pool cleaner
gone ballistic, slurping everything
in the water.
Michael Phelps is a raindrop… a stream…
a waterfall… crashing and thundering
triumphant down Mount Spitz.
He is an ordinary boy who defied
school bullies and conquered the world –
the greatest Olympian of all time.

Poetry © Kathryn Apel – All rights reserved.


Both poems follow the recipe. Both poems are right! The second poem just spices it up more.

(Yes, I know Michael Phelps isn’t in the Commonwealth – and he’s retired. It’s just an example. Incidentally, I wrote this poem after the 2008 Olympic Games – which is crazy, considering how much more he then went on to achieve.)

Now it’s your turn in the kitchen. Choose your sport star, and get cooking. Don’t roast them – or make them stew… Let them sizzle like the stars they are!  And, if sport isn’t really your thing, think of a person who inspires you – whatever they do – and apply the same recipe. Chop to it!

While your poem is marinating, you might like to savour a sporty verse novel I cooked up, about two brothers, Shaun and Toby. Here’s a little taste…


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