Writing Exercise

Just slipping in quickly with this short poem, that perhaps tells you what I’ve been doing.

Insert ‘editing’ for ‘writing’ and you have my day in a nutshell. Copy edits have arrived for my new book. They’re starting to look very festive! 🙂

You can catch the Poetry Friday roundup at Carol’s Corner this week. For now though, I’d better get back to eating… er… exercising… errr… editing!!


  1. This sounds a lot like my writing process! Unfortunately, judging by my scale, I need to do a lot more exercising! Darn! It looks like you are editing online! That’s fascinating to me! I can’t wait to share this post and show my students how a “real author” works!


    • I probably need to work a lot further away from my kitchen, Carol.
      As to the edits – that’s the track changes option on Word. In some ways it’s good, but it also does my head in, all the clutter and colour. I think it’s the page equivalent to a rowdy room. I’ve decided I like black text on white page. And white space. Lots of it. 🙂
      But then how would my lovely editor share her valuable feedback…?


  2. As long as you come back empty handed 9 times out of 10, I think you’re doing a fabulous job of…exercising!! Happy Copy Editing!


  3. How you manage to slip a poem into such an intense time is amazing to me. I find the last edits and polish on something I’m planning to submit the most stressful and headache-creating times of writing. I’m sure your results will be wonderful!


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