Craft: Recycled Poetry

DIY Recycled Poetry Craft Project

A recycled poetry project is a lot of fun. You can create poetry – without lifting a pencil! Make your own wall hanging – or give a gift to someone you love.

What to need:

  • Magazines and brochures
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • decorative doo-dads – recycled bits and bobs
  • a surface to present your poem on; cardboard, timber, tile, an old plate, or zentangled page …

What to do:

  1. Hunt through magazines to find words or phrases that standout – but also link together in a theme. Let your personality shine through.
  1. Play with the words and arrange them to create a poem. Identify any other words you may need. If you can’t find a word, cut individual letters to make the word.
  1. Choose a background for your poem. Lay the poem onto the background, playing with alignment of your words. Leave space for some decorative doo-dads.
  1. Glue your poem and doo-dads onto your chosen background. (White PVA glue works best for the words. Clear craft glue dries quickly, for the doo-dads.) Don’t go crazy with the decorations. You want your poem to be clear and easy to read – not covered by fancies.
  1. If you choose to varnish your project, you will FIRST need to coat the words with a PVA glue wash – and leave to dry. Otherwise the oil-based varnish will make the paper transparent – and your poem will be very difficult to read! Voilà – your poetry project is done!


Click pic for printable