Fencing with Fear (Chapter Book)

FwF small

‘Fencing with Fear’ was published in 2008 as a part of the Aussie! Read series. It was launched by Robyn Sheahan-Bright as a part of the 2008 Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale in Gladstone, Qld.

Brette and her brother are on a routine trip with their father, checking the fences of their property. All goes well until an accident leaves Dad hurt and unconscious. Brette must cross a swollen creek and travel over kilometres of rough country to get help. Will she be able to do it in time to save her father?

RRP $9.95

‘Fencing with Fear’ is distributed by Blake Education.

“What a cracking book which depicts life in the country perfectly.” (Catherine Johnson – Canada)

Curtis Costa reviewed this book for Pearson Magazines; “I did not want to stop reading because there was so much action. When Dad told me, ‘Lights out!’ I hid the book, turned on my lamp and kept reading. 10/10”

As reviewed by Curtis Costa in Pearson Magazines. (Click on the pic for bigger/clearer image.)


  1. Loved it Kat, I’m going to write about it in my shout out on Friday. I’d love to know how much of it really did happen. Great read!


  2. So glad you enjoyed, Catherine.

    Much of it has happened in some form – just not the child-to-the-rescue bits, thank goodness. (This mother would have had kittens at that!) The bike incident was a near-miss played out in front of my eyes right when I was needing it for this story. (Unplanned but perfect.)

    The helicopter actually flew in to take hubby to hospital after he crushed his femoral neck (hip) in a shocker horseriding accident.

    Marriage to Felix the Cat-astrophic Cat-tleman truly has been an inspiration for my writing. 😉


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