NEW! Miss Understood (PB)

I’m the wolf, Miss Understood.
You think I’m bad, but I am good.
Those Little Pigs told you a porker —
made it sound like I’m a stalker!

Is the wolf really as BIG and BAD as she seems? Or is she just . . . misunderstood? An irresistible story about being accepted for who you really are.

Illustrations: Beau Wylie
Cover Design: Hannah Janzen
Publisher: Scholastic Australia (Rebecca Young)

RRP $17.99

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REVIEWS  (Click on the links to read the full review.)

🐺 Rory Mather; In a sea of brilliant books this one stands out. It ties together so many tales and it does it in clever witty rhyme that is paired with great illustrations.

🐺 Hear the Reading with a Chance of Tacos podcast; What’s the Story Rory segment – where Rory says some wonderful things about Miss Understood, like; ‘I judged the book by its cover and I automatically knew I was going to love it – and the cover really lived up to the story… Really clever rhyme. Beautiful illustrations. Absolute joy to read… A brilliant book.’ The discussion includes an explanation of the fractured fairytale genre – and I just love the passion and enthusiasm in Rory’s voice. (About 25:50 mins into the podcast.) 

🐺 Escape Hatch Books: We love it – especially all the piggy puns thrown around! ⁠

🐺 Megan Daley: I really, really enjoyed ‘Miss Understood’. It’s a fractured fairytale. It’s poetry. It’s full of puns. It’s got this wonderful beat and rhythm to it. It’s fantastic. A really, really clever little book.