This is the Mud Stuff

This page will grow and change as I add activities for children to download or do. You may also be inspired by Muddy Book Launch Fun – and the many muddy activities used.  

1. Colour your own ‘This is the Mud!’ cover.

Click & Print


2. Make a COW finger puppet.

Click & Print


3.  Make chocolate playdoughbut don’t eat it! (Chocolate playdough looks – and smells – like chocolate!)

Click & Print Recipe


4.  Print a muddy picture, using toy vehicles, animals or letters.

Click & Print Instructions


5.  Write and illustrate your own ‘This is the…’ book of nonsense.

This is the horse that likes barbecue sauce.
This is the snake tangled up in the rake.

Work with friends… or your class… or by yourself. Don’t forget to illustrate your pages! Use my format (You’ll see why I’m not an illustrator! 😉 ) – or design your own.

Click & Print


Comments from readers are purrrrfect!

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