Australian KidLit Publishers

The following publishers may open to picture book submissions – so check their websites for current information. This list is not an endorsement – it’s a jump-off point for your research.

Affirm Press;
Allen & Unwin Friday Pitch;
Berbay Publishing;
Big Sky Publishing;
Brolly Books;
Celapene Press;
CSIRO Publishing;
EK Books;
Ford Street;
Green Olive Press;
Hardie Grant Egmont;
Harper Collins;
Hinkler Books;
Lake Press;
Larrikin House;
Little Book Press;
Midnight Sun;
National Library of Australia;
New Frontier;
New Holland Publishers;
One Day Hill;
Oxford University Press;
Pan McMillan;
Random House;
Redback Publishing;
Red Paper Kite;
Starfish Bay Publishing;
Walker Books
Wild Eyed Press;
Wilkins Farago;
Windy Hollow;
Wombat Books;
Working Title Press;
Yellow Brick Books;

Like a Photon – Kindergo;



Kristy Bushnell – Editing Services;
Michele Perry – Wordplay Editing Services;
Robyn Sheahan-Bright – Justified Text; LinkedIn

Comments from readers are purrrrfect!

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