Kidlit Tips

What do I tell newbie kidlit-ters when they’re asking for great kidlit tips and communities?

1.  Twitter is a fantastic source of information and community, connecting like-minded people and sharing industry opportunities.

2.  The CYA Conference Competition gave me a great start – and offers feedback to every entrant. You can read about the competition (closes April) and conference (in July) at

3.  WriteOnCon is an accessible online conference which facilitates forums and crit groups across a range of kidlit genres. You can put writing up for feedback – and get advice on query letters, etc. And you’ll form friendships within the global kidlit community. The free online conference is packed with information and industry contacts.

4.  Kidlit festivals are run in many major centres around the country and are a great source of information and enthusiasm. Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale runs biennially in the Gladstone region of Queensland. A feast for kidlit authors/illustrators – and the kids who love to read the books!

5.  To put things into perspective – and encourage you to persist – this a great post about Children’s Book Publishing – in a Nutshell, by Will Terry.

6.  What to look for in ‘just a standard contract‘, from publishing consultant & literary agent Alex Adsett.

Writing is 5% inspiration, 5% creativity and 90% determination. Be Determined!

That quote has fired my Determination for many years. Sadly, I don’t know who first spoke the words – but they’re certainly worth repeating!

PICTURE BOOK Communities & Challenges

12 x 12 (Curated by Julie Hedlund throughout the calendar year)

The 52 Week Illustration Challenge (Tania McCartney)

Picture Book Writing Week (Curated by Paula Yoo – Annual event, first week in May);

Picture Book Idea Month (Tara Lazar – Annual event every November)


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