Kidlit Tips

Writing is 5% inspiration, 5% creativity and 90% determination. Be Determined!

What do I tell newbie kidlit-ters when they’re asking for great kidlit tips and communities?

1.  Twitter is a fantastic source of information and community, connecting like-minded people and sharing industry opportunities.

2.  The CYA Conference Competition gave me a great start – and offers feedback to every entrant. You can read about the competition (closes April) and conference (in July) at

3. Kidlit festivals are run in many major centres around the country and are a great source of information and enthusiasm.

4.  To put things into perspective – and encourage you to persist – this a great post about Children’s Book Publishing – in a Nutshell, by Will Terry.

5.  What to look for in ‘just a standard contract‘, from publishing consultant & literary agent Alex Adsett..

6.  Traditional publishing, self-publishing or hybrid? The Key Book Publishing Paths, by Jane Friedman.

7. Non-Fiction Writers Dig Deep Zoom launch that unearths a treasure-chest of tips.

8. How to Make Comparable Titles Work for You when preparing submissions (by Cardinal Rule Press)



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