Kathryn Apel is a born-and-bred farm girl who’s scared of cows. She lives among the gum trees, kangaroos and cattle on a Queensland grazing property. Kat paints pictures with words, because much as she’d love to, Kat can’t draw. She loves pumping poetry because she can flex her muscles across other genres, to bend (and break) writing rules. A trained teacher and literacy consultant, Kat shares her passion for words at schools and festivals.

Kathryn specialises in poetry workshops for kids and adults – and staff professional development sessions across grades and curriculum area. 

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Kathryn was the recipient of a 2018 May Gibbs Creative Time Fellowship in Adelaide, and an RADF Grant, to attend the 2019 3-day CYA Conference and associated activities.

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More Poetry Pics

Hi all. I’m popping in to share the some more #PoeTryHope and #WaterPoemProject with you. Not such a busy week of poetry this week – but lots of other busy productivity instead. I started #PoeTryHope because I needed to remind myself to focus on joy – not fear. I can’t tell you how glad I was … Continue reading

Poetry Pep-Ups

Oh my. What a busy week of poetry it has been! Though I’ve thought many nights that I don’t have the focus or the creativity for #PoeTryHope – somehow every night, some little moment of joy (or silliness) works its way into words. I’m posting them on Instagram – but here is a quick screengrab … Continue reading

Kat’s Bush Poetry – This Land

Welcome to my blog for Poetry Friday – at a time when the world is reeling in confusion – but also finding strength and new blessings in the simple pleasures of pause, family and neighbours. Hold tight – even though you can’t hold close. My goal in coming days is to bring people joy. I’m … Continue reading

Kat’s Bush Poetry – On the Wallaby

Continuing my posts of bush poetry from my pre-kids poetry days, today I’m sharing one inspired by our first caravan holiday. For sure, this was an express a stress poem, turning disaster into laughter; the time that hubby took us ‘On the Wallaby’. On The Wallaby It’s half the distance on the map – and I … Continue reading

Kat’s Bush Poetry – Flaming Fish & Chips

Before I wrote poetry for kids I wrote bush poetry – usually to express a stress about a somewhat climactic event in our lives; turning disaster into laughter. I haven’t written any bush poetry for years – but I’ve often thought I should go through my files and share some on my blog. A twitter … Continue reading

Like Moths to the Bogong Plains – A Poem

I have to start this post by saying that on Wednesday we had 70mm of rain – or 2 and 3/4 inches – and at long last, the dams have started to rise. More rain is definitely needed – but praise the Lord, it is so good to see water levels rising!

Poetry Friday Round-up, 24th January 2020

Welcome to Australia (twice in the one month!) for another round-up of Poetry Friday. Since Sally hosted, a lot of Australia has received rain, so dust has settled, and many fires have also been checked back. But what a horrifying month it has been! And it is not over. Even as I write this post … Continue reading