Kathryn Apel is an Aussie children’s author who writes too much. She paints pictures with words, because much as she’d love to, Kat can’t draw. Kat’s goal is to find the perfect word for every situation. Sometimes that’s a lot harder than you think!

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Kathryn’s younger reader verse novel ‘Too Many Friends’ will be released in 2017 with UQP.

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Some Losers Drive ‘Cruisers

My early days as an adult poet were spent writing bush poetry. There is nothing quite like an Australian bush poetry competition to hone your rhythm and rhyme, where every syllable was counted, and stress marked – and any near-rhymes noted for deductions. I learnt a lot from the bush poets, and endeavour to keep this … Continue reading

Good Friday

You will find the Good Friday Poetry Friday links on Dori’s blog today, which is Dori Reads. Today I’m sharing some short poetic heartbeats about Good Friday, taken from our service, this morning. fragile broken the debt we cannot pay rooster crowed three times; you don’t know me ‘Long live the King of the Jews.’ ‘Eli, Eli, … Continue reading

New Book, New Poem, New Project

It’s been a busy week on the blog. I don’t usually post this much! But here I am again, for Poetry Friday. On Tuesday I shared a collage of pictures from my exciting mail day. On Thursday I posted my line in the progressive poem. Irene has the next line on her blog, Live Your Poem – … Continue reading

Progressive Poem – Kat’s Contribution

It’s National Poetry Month in the USofA, and I’m taking part in a progressive poem – where we each write one line (one person per day for the course of the month) to create a collaborative kids’ poem. This is my first year taking part and it’s been fascinating, watching each line drip-feed through the interwebs – wondering … Continue reading

Too Many Friends – Too Many Smiles!

It’s not every day you get a new book in the mail… But it’s always a good day! A collage from my walk to the letterbox – playing bullrush with the cows on the way there … and back again. Because first they run away. (Good!) And then they run back!? (Bad!!) But we have … Continue reading

(Inter)National Poetry Month – Progressive Poem

April is (Inter)National Poetry Month of April, and I am taking part in a progressive poem organised by Irene Latham. Over the month, we’ll each write a line (on our designated day) to create one collaborative poem. Dates are set by an American calendar, with Heidi kicking us off today, with this humdinger of a line; … Continue reading

After the Rain

Slipping in a little late in the day (night!) with my Poetry Friday post, inspired by my evening walk. After the Rain A relay, a medley, a tag team, a chorus; up the street, around the block, through the suburb and across the town; after the rain, before the weekend, after the heat, before the … Continue reading