Bossy Words

This year I’ve been back on class. And the planning, marking and soon-to-come reporting, has been a concern. I can’t seem to write creatively, with such big thinks hanging over my head.

On Monday, I finished the official planning documentation. I then threw myself into some pressing writing business, and then… I should just let my tweets tell the story! 

And you don’t really want to read ALL my tweets here, because that’s what twitter is for, and you’re welcome to follow there, but suffice to say…

Actually, I have two titles now. And liking the second more than the first – but I needed the first to get to the second.

It is definitely taking SHAPE. And so will I be, if it keeps up. Because each day, I’ve written more words-on-the-walk than the previous day. Which makes me keen to keep that daily walk-with-words thing happening. #WinWIN

I certainly didn’t expect that my week would look like this, when I got up Monday morning. Writing isn’t always this fluid for me. But I like it! Kind of regretting that I’ve got to get my school head happening again… But this week of productive creativity has been a blessing. Over 2,200 words as this posts. Huzzah! 🙂

Violet Nesdoly | Poems
 has this weeks Poetry Friday round-up. I’m heading across there shortly, to checkout the links and see how everyone else’s week has panned out. I hope yours has been fabulous!


    • Walking has aways let my thoughts flow – so I don’t know why I haven’t tried to capture the words before, with a longer work. I’ve done it with poems, but not novels-in-verse. Twice the motivation to make time to walk, now. 🙂


  1. Wow! A muse can wear walking shoes. Who knew? I’m sure it’s a great relief to have the creativity flow despite the “big thinks” of school and teaching. Just don’t walk into traffic as you’re busy typing on your phone!

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    • Thanks for hosting us all this week, Violet. Fortunately I was walking in a relatively quiet neighbourhood. Back to the farm now – where I’m more worried about the slippery reptiles underfoot! Though mayhaps the cold snap…?


  2. Exciting – love how the book is writing itself. Wish my washing and ironing would do it themselves! Looking forward to a picture book.

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