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There is so much good stuff on the internet. Click on the drop-down tabs to find links to exceptional posts I’ve appreciated – either about picture books, verse novels, or links to Australian Publishers.


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Elizabeth Law on Ten Things that Make and Editor stop reading your MS;

The Poetry Friday link-up is shared each Friday, with poets around the globe creating a friendly/informative community. The host blog changes from week-to-week. More information;

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  1. Hi Kat,
    Tripped across your articles. Congratulations on your tackling the sonnet form. Don’t give up – it really can be freeing. 🙂
    If you, or anyone who asks, would like conversation about writing sonnets, I enjoy talking about the form and teaching the writing of them. One of my websites is
    which has many of my past efforts archived.
    As far as the practicality of it all, in addition to doing commissions for romantically inclined couples, I was asked by New Zealand screenwriter Guy Hamling to put his screenplay (VERONA) into iambic pentameter a few years ago. It was a great deal of fun and produced a worthy piece – well, Guy liked it, anyway:-)
    Best of fortunes to you, in pentameter or out.
    (Odd first name. It is spelled just like that)

    GregRobin Smith, Everett WA (near Seattle)


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