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  1. Hi Kat,
    Just got the little book of nonsense, it will come in handy next term for our story telling unit. Thank you


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  3. Hi Mrs Apel

    This is my lovely neice April (she is exactly 1 week older than Miss Pops), I have just found out that she wants to be an author when she grows up!! I said that I knew exactly the person she needs to get in touch with – you!!!!
    Miss you,
    Barb xxxxxxxx


    • Delighted to meet the lovely Miss April. And also to have such a special friend pop in on your travels, Barb! We miss you, too! xxxxx

      I love being a writer – and would certainly recommend it to anyone who loves reading and playing with words. April, you might like to join us for a Month of Poetry. We’re having heaps of fun with it right now. It’s open to all ages, and we have 8 children taking part, including one from America. The challenge is to write one poem every day for the month of January. (A poem can be two lines, which is great on busy days!!) If you’re interested, April, Aunty Barb could go with you across to our Month of Poetry site; I’m sure you could twist Miss Pops’ arm too. And Finnigan’s. 😉 Just for fun.

      You can register on the site, if you’re interested. Or you can just fiddle it at home.

      Have fun writing!


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