So Much Good Stuff!

Life is busy but rich with blessings, of late. 

I recently went through the herculean process of completing a grant application to organise and present ‘Celebrating Our Stories’ at 10 different venues within the Gladstone Region – and I am thrilled to say I have been successful. I am so thankful to the Gladstone Regional Council and the Queensland Government for this opportunity to inspire young readers to value their stories, while also celebrating ‘The Bird in the Herd’. (And we will have fun with that!) I’m especially excited to bring illustrator Renée Treml to the Gladstone Region – all be it via Zoom. The tour kicks off this coming Wednesday, at Miriam Vale, and will take place across 4 weeks. In addition to the RADF-funded activities, there are also opportunities for schools (Primary or Secondary) within the region to book an author event – either a presentation, or a poetry workshop. If you’re here because this interests you, you’ll find more information on my Appearances page. Drop me a message there.

KatApel_PictorialAs if that wasn’t keeping me busy enough, I was asked to conduct an online poetry PD for a NSW school, who are currently writing a 5 week poetry unit to run across all Primary classes. (How exciting and awesome is that! I would SO be sending my kids to that school!) I’ve presented lots of different poetry workshops online – and lots of intensive poetry professional development sessions for teachers face-to-face – but this is my first time presenting the teacher-intensive session online – which required a complete overhaul in how I did things! But it was worth it. The group was wonderful to work with, and even though we were distant, and there were 50 educators in the one room – we were still able to connect, and bounce idea (and words) around the room. As is often the way, there were quite a number of teachers in the room who initially expressed reservations about poetry, but by the end they were enthusiastic and appreciative. And the feedback from the school since has been wonderful. “You were amazing inspiring and have changed the mindset of our staff.” I’m so glad they enjoyed it, because I was buzzing all night. It was SO GOOD to be seeped in poetry again, and sharing my passion with a group of educators – who are now going out to spread their newfound enthusiasm throughout their school. What a privilege to invest in their poetry journey. I’m excited for what they’re going to produce in the coming weeks, both as curriculum, and then as poetry in the classrooms.🎉

Librarium Reading ClubAND – now I’ve created new material for an online presentation, I’m keen to do it again! (Just sayin’.😉) If your school is keen to pep-up its writing with some poetry, either online or in person, please do get in touch! (That Appearances page I mentioned earlier… You can find more information there.😺)

By way of delightful surprise… I also discovered this podcast, shared on the International Day Against Bullying. They’ve been using ‘Bully on the Bus’ in their English language classes, and “Students in 1st and 2nd year CSE have prepared a programme after their Librarium Reading Club, where they read Bully on the Bus, a book of poems by Kathryn Apel.” Click across to hear the podcast, with the poetry reading starting at 1:14. I was rather chuffed to discover Bully used in this new context. 

I’m going to end this post with a new-to-me Shel Silverstein poem, from ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’. Such clever layout, with words tangled in the ridiculous long legs (only two of them!) of this absurd looking turtle. What an unexpected poem it is! (I may know something about long legs. Though mine don’t pack away quite as neatly as a turtle’s does.) I do love the fact that it just ever-so-slightly spills onto the preceding page… and that’s okay. Because poetry is meant to be savoured! (This poem, inspired me to hunt up my turtle photo (above) and carve out a moment in rhyme…)

Irene is hosting us for Poetry Friday this week at Live Your Poem. What joy! Click across to be inspired by more poetry posts – and have a fabulous week!


  1. Kat, what a joy to read this post. It’s been fun to see your tweets and know you are happily busy. I love your turtle poem….I’ve never seen a photo of a turtle like that. Oh, my goodness! I have no doubt that the teachers you worked with had fun with you. And, congratulations on winning a grant to continue working with words and kids. It’s all such great news. Keep going and grab a nap when you can. Hugs and hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is always a joy when your email lands in my inbox, Linda! Thanks for the smiles. (And the hugs.) This is a long-necked turtle. (As opposed to Shel’s long-legged!) I took the photo years ago, when he was on our track, walking between dams. As a teenager, I held a baby long-neck, that was the size of a… (trying to think of something that gives a universal size🤨) … soup spoon!


  2. It’s a good thing you’ve got a lot of energy! Maybe you store it in those long legs of yours 🙂 I’m glad you’re out there getting people excited about poetry!


  3. What joy you are giving all those teachers, then their students, Kat. I love hearing about it. And I’ve never heard of a long-necked turtle either, amazing picture, & with your poem. You & Shel are besties in the turtle department! Happy Weekend!


  4. You really are the ‘turtle package’, Kat! Thanks for helping educators, students and fellow poets ‘come out of their shells’ when it comes to poetry. 🙂


  5. Congratulations, Kat. You are a busy lady with a purpose. Your turtle poem is a delight. I am always stretch for time. That is why I always sneak in late to the PF Roundup. Glad that I visited here today.


  6. Whew! You have been busy! What a fun, full slate-of poetry-related activities. Thanks for sharing the turtle poems today. I especially relate to the one you wrote as I’m feeling very stretched for time this week!


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