First Public Reading of ‘The Bird in the Herd’

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: This week I took part in my first in-person, in real life, live (how many different ways can I capture the momentousness!😹) AUTHOR EVENT since my book tour in America in November 2019. Prior to Tuesday, my last in-person speaking engagement was a school presentation with Irene Latham and Laura Shovan, in Scaggsville, Maryland – and then the fabulous fun time shared with so many of you Poetry Friday friends at NCTE, in Baltimore.

But Tuesday, that all changed. And my day exceeded all expectations!!

What better place to share the first reading of this Australian grazing story than at BeefAustralia, in Rockhampton – the Beef Capital of Australia? I went to Beef to read our Aussie grazing picture book in the Kids’ Zone. (Yay!)

Then… I was asked to speak with Paul Cullin on ABC Capricornia, live from Beef (Cool!) …

And THEN (Yowzers!) I got to share our new book with the Prime Minister of Australia. And get the photos to boot! 

And from that, (Snowball!) I was interviewed by the Morning Bulletin … 

Talk about a busy day of networking! We did also get to check out some of the cattle yards and drone technology that my husband was keen to see. 

And yes, midst all that excitement, I did share ‘The Bird in the Herd’ with the kids! (Photos shared with school’s permission – thanks to my wonderful snap-happy hubby for grabbing these.) There are more pics, and a short video snippet on my Instagram page, here.

Happy, happy me! It is such a joy to be connecting with people and sharing my love of words again – but most especially, to be sharing it with kids!

A terse verse to capture the moment:

What Do You Get When You Share Your Latest Book with the Prime Minister?

Leader reader.

That’s me for today. Now flap fly and flurry over to wee words for wee ones where Bridget is collecting the Poetry Friday roundup. Apologies in advance, because I don’t know how many comments I can leave this weekend. The next 6 weeks are busy-busy-busy, and I’m just trying to keep head and body connected – and feathers, too! 


  1. WOW! You look so happy and your book looks even happier with all the networking going on. Wonderful news, Kat. I’m delighted to hear of you doing a real, live author event. Bravo!

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    • I am so thrilled, Linda. The next six weeks are going to be crazy-busy – and a challenge to keep head and body together. But there will be LOTS of smiles, because, all being well, the bird and I will be swooping into schools and libraries for kidlit events! So excited!!


  2. Love seeing your happy, happy pictures celebrating that special book, Kat! Enjoy all this time. How great to do this awesome and LIVE event!

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    • It was so special, Linda. A teeny-bit nervous pre-start (because new book, new content, and a roudy outside venue) but I think it took about 30 seconds to slip right back into it. Very keen for more! Though of course, everything is dependent on that virus.

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  3. Happiness abounds, Kat! I was smiling ear to ear reading your good news and reveling in your in-person connections. You give us all hope! And I your terse verse, “Leader reader” is brilliant!


  4. Wow, Kat! What a fantastic set of events to launch your book. I’m so excited for you! This terse verse cracked me up: “What Do You Get When You Share Your Latest Book with the Prime Minister? Leader reader.”


  5. I feel your excitement! It’s like showing off your new baby, a little bit protective and a whole lot of proud!


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