Bookings Open – 2018

Poetry inspires creativity and builds writing muscles that flex across all curriculum areas and genres. A passionate and diverse poet and children’s author, I have an ever-increasing bag of tricks to share with your staff and students – primary and secondary. If your school is considering an author visit, register your interest below.

Student poetry workshops involve fun activities that enable wordplay – and success for all students.

Staff poetry workshop equip teachers with easy take-away activities to use in their classrooms – across curriculum areas and grades.

A Celebration of Friends incorporates activities inspired by ‘Too Many Friends’, blending DIY toys with creative wordplay. Make a palm snake, create a paper chain of poetry friends, power a plane with words, or create a triple twirl word swirl.

During author talks, I share what inspired and shaped my stories, and how I turn reality into fiction. Content varies dependent on the age group, touching on topics of bullying, friendship, sibling rivalry, sporting excellence, identity, self-worth, rural living, a glimpse at Antarctica, and creative things kids can do without a TV!

As a trained teacher and former literacy co-ordinator, working in a P-10 context, I am familiar with the demands of the Australian Curriculum, and the NAPLAN Reading and Writing assessment tasks. My goal is to engage students to play with words and be creative!

I have five days available in Brisbane, February 12 – 17, 2018. ASA Rates for Author Visits are set to rise for 2018 – so book before December 2017 to secure your visit at current prices.

Complete the form below to to express your interest, and inspire your staff and students in the new school year. Other enquiries also welcome. 

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Brisbane Booking

I will be in Brisbane during the first week of August for author visits – and I have one day still available! I offer author talks and poetry workshops, for primary and secondary students – and staff.

“If you are a Brisbane school, I can highly recommend Kat for an author visit.” (Kim Yeomans)

Read Kim Yeomans’ teacher-librarian blog about my May visit to St Martins, in Melbourne.

More information under my Author Talks tab. I’d love to talk creativity and kindness with your class.

A Week of Words

I love sharing the love of words and story with kids. I’m often amazed by their articulation, and deeply moved by their observations. It’s exciting to see them stretching themselves and trying new things in their own wordplay. And there is that something extra special about hearing teacher’s awe when responding to the words/works of their students… and to later hear that poems that sang so sweet off the page were very often written by kids who don’t write much.  Continue reading

Tamar Valley, Tasmania

I had a fabulous time revisiting the beautiful Tamar Valley recently, for the Tamar Valley Writers Festival. I had a three-stage flight to get there Thursday night, staying in a lovely little timber cabin on the edge of the lake at the Aspect Tamar Resort, Grindelwald – a replica Swiss village. I didn’t pack for wet weather… which was a little alarming at 4am the first night, when the rain poured down. A cabin on the water is all well and good if you have a car in your parking bay… Breakfast reception and the bus was a 5 minute run away on the opposite side of the resort – and despite numerous contingencies (towel over head, (clean) garbage bag raincoat…) I couldn’t see how I could be respectable on arrival for the school sessions. I donned comfy clothes, did the towel trick, and made a barefoot dash for reception, where I scored a courtesy umbrella, twisted a toenail, and indulged in buffet breakfast, before dashing back to my cabin to get properly ready for the fun of the day. (So glad we could oblige by bringing the much-needed rain to Tasmania… though it was also lovely to have two days of sunshine to follow. The drive from Grindelwald to Beaconsfield is gorgeous in fine weather!)  Continue reading

Child’s Play – Performing for Children (Part One)

This article was first published in WQ August 2010 – a publication of the Queensland Writers Centre. I will be posting it to my blog as a 3-part series.

Part One – How to Establish Connection (Tuesday, 5 October)
Part Two – How to Maintain Interest (Tuesday, 12 October)
Part Three – Question Time (Tuesday, 19 October)




As a children’s author or illustrator, it is highly likely you will come into contact with kids. It may be at a book launch, a festival or in a classroom. As a favourite author or illustrator, kids will love to hear how you do what you do – and why, where, when.

Continue reading