Bookings Open – 2018

Poetry inspires creativity and builds writing muscles that flex across all curriculum areas and genres. A passionate and diverse poet and children’s author, I have an ever-increasing bag of tricks to share with your staff and students – primary and secondary. If your school is considering an author visit, register your interest below.

Student poetry workshops involve fun activities that enable wordplay – and success for all students.

Staff poetry workshop equip teachers with easy take-away activities to use in their classrooms – across curriculum areas and grades.

A Celebration of Friends incorporates activities inspired by ‘Too Many Friends’, blending DIY toys with creative wordplay. Make a palm snake, create a paper chain of poetry friends, power a plane with words, or create a triple twirl word swirl.

During author talks, I share what inspired and shaped my stories, and how I turn reality into fiction. Content varies dependent on the age group, touching on topics of bullying, friendship, sibling rivalry, sporting excellence, identity, self-worth, rural living, a glimpse at Antarctica, and creative things kids can do without a TV!

As a trained teacher and former literacy co-ordinator, working in a P-10 context, I am familiar with the demands of the Australian Curriculum, and the NAPLAN Reading and Writing assessment tasks. My goal is to engage students to play with words and be creative!

I have five days available in Brisbane, February 12 – 17, 2018. ASA Rates for Author Visits are set to rise for 2018 – so book before December 2017 to secure your visit at current prices.

Complete the form below to to express your interest, and inspire your staff and students in the new school year. Other enquiries also welcome. 

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Brisbane Booking

I will be in Brisbane during the first week of August for author visits – and I have one day still available! I offer author talks and poetry workshops, for primary and secondary students – and staff.

“If you are a Brisbane school, I can highly recommend Kat for an author visit.” (Kim Yeomans)

Read Kim Yeomans’ teacher-librarian blog about my May visit to St Martins, in Melbourne.

More information under my Author Talks tab. I’d love to talk creativity and kindness with your class.

Inspirational High

The past month has been super-busy, and whilst there has been much to blog about, there has been no TIME to blog. So here’s a quick catch-up.

I had a busy two weeks with author talks in Maryborough, Bundaberg, Gladstone and Rockhampton, as a part of Book Week, and the Carpet Court Storybook Challenge. This was a blast, because I got to talk about what I love, over and over and over again. With different kids responding in different ways each time it was never boring! The Carpet Court Storybook Challenge involved a short writers workshop to get kids inspired to write about what they love about their local area. The Book Week workshops were full day events, running varied poetry workshops for kids from Prep to Yr 7.

Following on from these wonderful weeks of writerly pursuits, my sister and I organised a Fete & Flower Show, and whilst it may have been the 79th Annual Fete & Flower Show – a rich community tradition – it was a first for us. This meant we were on an enormous learning curve and busybusyBUSY getting things up and running for what was a wonderful, fun, family day – and great success.

In the week just gone, I was at Noosa North Shore Retreat for an Action Adventure Camp with 46 Year 7 students. And what an action-packed adventure that was! Now I just need time to write about it, because I am feeling full-on inspired by the events of the week, which included;

  • Canoeing (No fear. Huzzah!)
  • Mountain Biking (Head-over-handlebars for me. Youchies!)
  • Night Hike (almost-a-jog pace)
  • Giant Swing (emphasis on ‘giant’)
  • Pamper Pole (which I would rename Panic Pole)

The Giant Swing and Pamper Pole need to be seen to be believed. I am so proud of the many kids who made it to the top of both of them – because there was a lot of fear-factor involved, and some tears. And there was no shame in tears! After my head-over-handlebars, bruising buster off a bike with brakes that bite, I had the perfect excuse for not attempting the Pamper/Panic Pole. Not that I needed any excuses. Once I saw the pole – and the photos of the boys conquering their fears on Day 2 – there was no WAY I was putting my life in the hands of a piece of strings and a wobbly pole on Day 3. But I did succumb to the pleading of our gritty girls (they were so brave, and I couldn’t be more proud of them) and decided I would face the Giant Swing. A spur-of-the-moment decision, because I’d surely have chickened out if I planned it in advance.

This is me, being propelled to the top of the 12metre pole by same gritty girls.

I seriously did think I didn’t scream much. But turns out I was wrong. Because I’ve seen numerous videos to contradict that. And apparently body language says much. Overheard on video; “The look on her face is so funny. I shouldn’t be laughing, but I can’t help it.”

I would include a little snippet of video footage for you, because I’m feeling mighty chuffed with how brave I was… (because I was brave!) but alas, I can’t seem to insert a video into my blog. So, no show.

As for the petrifying Pamper/Panic Pole? After climbing the pole with the help of large ‘staples’ the kids then had to scramble onto the top (of the wobbling pole) stand aloft, then leap up and out to hit the orange balloon, before being released to slowly swing down to ground. This is the stuff of nightmares, make no mistake! BUT… the kids loved it. Even those who struggled with fear and anxiety all the way up…

That’s not me at the top. That’s one of our super-brave kids. My son was one of them. But I didn’t see him. (Phew!)

As you can see, a busy couple of weeks. But much to be inspired by!