Recipe for a Winning Poem

Getting into the spirit with Borobi, at the Queen’s Baton Relay.

With the Commonwealth Games fast approaching, I’m sharing a favourite recipe – for a Sport Star poem. You can’t fail to cook up some winning words!

This recipe requires a mix of metaphors – so we probably should talk about how to choose a metaphor. Continue reading

Book Week Costumes

Book Week is this week – and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably just starting to think about costumes. Don’t panic! I’ve got your covered, with quick and EASY ideas for each of my verse novels. That gives you more time to do what we all love best, right? READ!!

Enjoy! 😀

Running out of time and in a spin? Shaun and Toby can help you get On Track! Mohawk optional – or DIY with own hair.

Don’t have a discus? Don’t worry! Two plastic plates are perfect. Or a round lid. Or a foam/cardboard circle.

Is this cheating? For simple, easy Book Week costumes? Personally I’m loving the cardboard cutout friend silhouettes.

If Book Week has crept up like a sly wolf, mask your panic with a #DIY mask. Click the pink to go direct to the templates.





New Book, New Poem, New Project

It’s been a busy week on the blog. I don’t usually post this much! But here I am again, for Poetry Friday.

On Tuesday I shared a collage of pictures from my exciting mail day.

On Thursday I posted my line in the progressive poem. Irene has the next line on her blog, Live Your Poem – and she’s also collating this week’s Poetry Friday round-up.

Today I’m posting a double tetractys – only my second Antarctic poem (How is this so?!) and the first thing written on a new project I’m currently researching. (It’s just the tip of the iceberg!) This poem likely won’t make it into the project – but I’m testing the water (ice-cold!) and gaining some confidence to strike out on this new adventure.


of stone
on stone on
stone near stone on
stone on stone grey stone
stacked high like brick by balanced, cold, stone brick;
bleak stone walls rise from shale floor; upturned sledge
and planks form the roof;
ice winds bluster
as snow swirls
seal each

And … for my youngest son’s benefit, I’m also posting my first ‘real’ author pic. A number of years ago he declared I wasn’t a real author until I’d published five books. He’s trying to shift the goal posts now, but … I’m claiming!

Real Author. It sure has taken long enough!

My week’s been wonderful – and super-productive. Hope yours has, too!

NAPLAN – Be ‘Me’

It’s NAPLAN this week.

I was thinking of words to put NAPLAN in perspective for all those kids involved, and was reminded of the last 12 words from ‘On Track’.


That’s it. Be yourself. The best YOU can be.

You’re awesome!

Book Week – An Idea

This week’s Poetry Friday post is a snippet from my current WIP, another verse novel for early readers – this one about friendships. On the surface it sounds sweet and light, but as with friendship it’s a balance of the good and bad.

I’m sharing this particular snippet because it flows on from last week’s Light sci-ku for Science Weekbut more importantly, fits this week’s Book Week theme; Books Light Up Our World. (You think they planned that connection?)

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ABC Radio Interview

KatOnTrackIt’s always lovely to drop in and chat with Wayne Shearman at ABC Wide Bay. If you missed the interview on the radio this morning (with a flashback to 2009, and special guest appearance by Toby Lamond as … Toby!) you can catch it on the sound cloud, here.


There’s even a pic with Wayne.


Torquay School Visit

New books make for busy times!

Kat & Torquay poetry students

Some of the enthusiastic kids from the poetry workshop.

Last week I had a day with students at Torquay State School. There were author talks with three different class groupings, and in the middle of it all, a 2hr poetry workshop with about 30 keen and talented kids. We got through HEAPS of funtastic poetry exercises, with some very clever wordplay from the kids. Here are two that caught my eye. I just wish I’d thought to snap more pics!  Continue reading

On Track and Celebrating

This week saw the publication of On Track – and it’s been such a wonderful celebration.

First stop: Sandy Strait State School for Wide Bay Readers Cup. I was invited as guest Quiz Master, because Bully on the Bus was one of the the Yr 5/6 set texts.

Readers Cup was amazing. There were 180 kids there from Yrs 5-8 … and they were wonderfully behaved – a credit to each and every school.
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Exciting Arrivals

TroopTrainThis week the troop train came through town. They were doing re-enactments at various stops along the way… but sadly, our station was too small for that. But they stopped. And called messages to the kids through the fence. And then they puffed off down the tracks again.

If I’d known the troop train was coming, I perhaps would have chosen a different outfit for the day. Maybe one of my pretty pastel frocks

Or I might have chosen something that better matched my exciting mail delivery… advance copies of my new book.

(Look how thick it is? The males in this family are very impressed! I am too, actually.)
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