Torquay School Visit

New books make for busy times!

Kat & Torquay poetry students

Some of the enthusiastic kids from the poetry workshop.

Last week I had a day with students at Torquay State School. There were author talks with three different class groupings, and in the middle of it all, a 2hr poetry workshop with about 30 keen and talented kids. We got through HEAPS of funtastic poetry exercises, with some very clever wordplay from the kids. Here are two that caught my eye. I just wish I’d thought to snap more pics! 


A budding poet…

Found Poetry - Fencing with Fear

With niko applied, this will be a blackout poem. Love the humour!

Sporty shape poetry

Another budding poet…

Sporty shape poem

Lovely wordplay in this. It starts at the shoulder; Sweat…


When sharing with a yr 3/4 class about how, when writing Leroy’s story, I’d remembered things from more than 30 years earlier when I was a young girl on the school bus, even though I hadn’t consciously thought of them throughout the years … I said that I could remember the words, the facial expressions and the tone of voice of the bullies on my bus … and how they made me feel. When I asked why that was so, one boy expressed it so beautifully.


‘Because they hurt your heart.’


That squeezed my heart.



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