Book Week – An Idea

This week’s Poetry Friday post is a snippet from my current WIP, another verse novel for early readers – this one about friendships. On the surface it sounds sweet and light, but as with friendship it’s a balance of the good and bad.

I’m sharing this particular snippet because it flows on from last week’s Light sci-ku for Science Weekbut more importantly, fits this week’s Book Week theme; Books Light Up Our World. (You think they planned that connection?)


Boomerang BlogThe Word document actually has a lovely little light bulb outline sitting alongside that poem, because yes, I really did need a pic to ensure I shaped it right. You have no idea how tricky it was to keep that rounded shape – and the taper at the end – and maintain voice, and convey meaning, and break lines in a meaningful place! After a day’s dithering, it then fell into place so easily that I wonder what took so long.

I’m also sharing a link to a beautiful feature Dimity Powell posted on the BoomerangBlog  this week, on my earlier verse novels, Bully on the Bus (2014), and, On Track (2015). You’ll find Dimity’s reviews at the top – and an interview with me at the bottom. I so appreciate the many wonderful things she had to say.

Unfortunately, I consumed my month’s megs in 25 days (consequence of blogging & boys?) so I’ll be slow to skip around and check out the other Poetry Friday posts, but you can do so at Poetry for Children.poetry+friday+button-e1341309970195



  1. Hi, Kat, great to “meet” you! Thanks for joining the crew at my blog for Poetry Friday today– and your patience with the Mr. Linky feature. I’m loving your light-bulb-shaped poem for the “Books Light Up Our World” theme– it’s totally brilliant!


    • Thanks, Sylvia. I’m learning as I go with the Poetry Friday routine. I checked out lots of the posts on our local library internet – but the ability to comment got disabled partway through, via a library block. So – I’m a little quiet on the network, but I have been reading and appreciating!


  2. I don’t think I’ve met you, Kat. I see from others’ comments that you’re still fairly new to this PF scene– welcome! I do know your name though, from here:

    Aren’t concrete poems fun? Yours hits the right spot in all ways. I rarely set out to write a shape poem, but sometimes I’ll write a poem and it will seem unfinished until I find a shape for it. Then it sighs… relieved that I finally came to my senses.


    • Lovely to meet you, Michelle. My word – you have a good memory for a name! (And how lovely to see that representation of Mary Lee’s poem! That was such a fun activity to do.)

      This light bulb poem started unformatted, but I liked the subtle little something the shape could bring. Just took a little longer to achieve than I’d imagined. (I had a mohawk poem in On Track and tried so hard to get that one into a mohawk… but couldn’t. :\ )


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