New Book, New Poem, New Project

It’s been a busy week on the blog. I don’t usually post this much! But here I am again, for Poetry Friday.

On Tuesday I shared a collage of pictures from my exciting mail day.

On Thursday I posted my line in the progressive poem. Irene has the next line on her blog, Live Your Poem – and she’s also collating this week’s Poetry Friday round-up.

Today I’m posting a double tetractys – only my second Antarctic poem (How is this so?!) and the first thing written on a new project I’m currently researching. (It’s just the tip of the iceberg!) This poem likely won’t make it into the project – but I’m testing the water (ice-cold!) and gaining some confidence to strike out on this new adventure.


of stone
on stone on
stone near stone on
stone on stone grey stone
stacked high like brick by balanced, cold, stone brick;
bleak stone walls rise from shale floor; upturned sledge
and planks form the roof;
ice winds bluster
as snow swirls
seal each

And … for my youngest son’s benefit, I’m also posting my first ‘real’ author pic. A number of years ago he declared I wasn’t a real author until I’d published five books. He’s trying to shift the goal posts now, but … I’m claiming!

Real Author. It sure has taken long enough!

My week’s been wonderful – and super-productive. Hope yours has, too!


  1. Your poem really gives the reader the feel of the hut being constructed. Love the repetition. It makes me curious about your new project! I recently read BULLY on the BUS and enjoyed it so much! I need to get TOO MANY FRIENDS next!


    • Thank-you so much for your feedback, ldk. I was hoping the relentlessness wasn’t too repetitive – but I did want readers to get that feel. And when you look at the landscape, there’s stone … and stone … and penguins and ice and … stone.

      Hoping you like ‘Friends’ as much as ‘Bully’. 🙂


  2. You were a REAL author the moment you were born. Congratulations on FIVE!!! Wooohoooo! Keep ’em coming, Kat. Are you up for a book trade? I’d love to read any of yours… and send you my ANTARCTICA book. Email me? xo


  3. Congratulations–on the new book project and in achieving “author status” by your son’s definition! The repetition in your poem is relentless–much like I imagine Antarctica to be relentless with the snow and ice and wind–and stone.


    • The summer snow wasn’t relentless. It made the sky pure blue and the reflections startling. Blue and white and forever – and so gorgeous vivid. But winter might be a different story! And certainly the wind/ice/cold would be relentless. I find it so hard to imagine that a hut made of rocks on rock, enshrouded in snow could ever be in any way warm!


  4. Wow, is that you in the picture, Kat. What an intriguing project to write about. Stone on stone. . . All through, must be a strange feeling to see that. Congrats on the five books, fun to hear that about your son, and congratulations!


  5. Thanks, Linda. I took the picture, but I’m not in it. It’s perhaps a penguin that you’re looking at? Which is actually most appropriate, for that story… And yes, many incredible experiences and sights at Antarctica!


  6. You are a real author … and have been since your FIRST book came out … and even before then when you were writing 🙂

    Love this poem, Kat and the picture. Can’t wait to read more of your Antarctica inspired work. x


    • And you, Dee, are one of those lovely, loyal writer-friends who have known me almost as long as I have been writing! And longer than our words have been published!! 🙂 Can’t wait to catch up, and share stories. xx


  7. Oh, wow. I needed an example of repetition as poetic device for 8th graders this week…..wish I had this poem! Very deliberate tone in this. Wonderful.
    And, many, MANY congratulations on becoming REAL! So happy for you and the words!


  8. Although he keeps moving the goalposts, I’m sure your son, the critic, is extremely proud! As you should be, too. I love the shape of the poem on the page and the relentless feeling one gets in reading it.


  9. Oh, you’re All. Kinds. Of. Real. (and you can tell Son I said so!)
    Congrats on the great news, and looking forward to your new project! Brrrrr….


  10. The visual image of this poem works so well, like an ice shelf. Those two long lines are filled with sharp, descriptive words.


  11. Congrats ‘real’ author – what a wonderful achievement 👏🏻🎉 I look forward to enjoying your lasted treat Too Many Friends and sharing it with my cherubs.

    P.S. We all knew you were a real author from the very first book written but if his challenge inspires you to write more I say MOVE THOSE GOAL POSTS SON! 😎😜


    • I should have known you would agree with SonnyJim. You share the same spark of humour. Never fear – there are many projects clamouring for attention. And not long now until ‘Too Many Friends’ is/are out making friends in the world.


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