Exciting Arrivals

TroopTrainThis week the troop train came through town. They were doing re-enactments at various stops along the way… but sadly, our station was too small for that. But they stopped. And called messages to the kids through the fence. And then they puffed off down the tracks again.

If I’d known the troop train was coming, I perhaps would have chosen a different outfit for the day. Maybe one of my pretty pastel frocks

Or I might have chosen something that better matched my exciting mail delivery… advance copies of my new book.

(Look how thick it is? The males in this family are very impressed! I am too, actually.)


That vibrant green cover pops in real life. It’s gorgeous! Jo Hunt designed both of my verse novel book covers and I fall more in love with them each time I see them.

Hmmm… I think I might have still chosen to wear my colourful tights & top, because they sure made people smile – and it was a beautiful day for smiling!

PS  The new book is released 27th May 2015. Just over a month away. We’re #OnTrack!



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