Peewee Alarm

Who needs an alarm clock, when you have courting peewees? This week we’ve become reacquainted with our resident peewee (up with the sun!) and I’m reminded of this poem & pic from 2019. The form is a fib – based on the Fibonacci sequence – but it’s no fib that we’ve been losing sleep over this little door-knocker and his mirror-image mimic in my bedroom glass! It’s hard to be the dominant male when your opponent mimics all your combat moves to perfection.

(It’s not very easy to sleep, either!)

Thanks Catherine at Reading to the Core for hosting our Poetry Friday gathering this week.


    • I think that’s the concentration required to overcome the mimicking male in the ‘mirror’. He fair throws himself at the glass, but it perfectly counteracts all his attacks.🤦‍♀️


  1. Oh, I didn’t know about this mimic in your land, Kat! It’s pretty but. . . We had a ‘knocker’ woodpecker once who would not quit until my husband nailed some paper over its favorite spot. Courtship, in humans, too, can amaze!

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