Snail Mail – Snail’s Ark

Throwback to January ’22 – Yellow dress!

Recently my lovely friend Irene sent her picture book, ‘Snail’s Ark’, to complete our 2022-releases, snail-mail book swap. (You can read what Irene said about ‘What Snail Knows’, here.)

Way back when I received my advance copy of ‘What Snail Knows’, Irene commented on my dress. Ha! You can see why. It’s the perfect match for Esther the snail!🙃

‘Snail’s Ark’ is a sweet story with luscious word choice, urgent rhythm and sumptuous illustrations. Goldie and Pearl Snail give it their slick☑️ of approval.

No snails on my recent beach wander – but lots of amber jellyfish the size of dinner plates.

You’ll find our Poetry Friday link-up across the ocean with 25 Ruth at There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town.


  1. I agree that the snail mail is lovely…and what a perfect book pairing for a family gift. The pairing of two wonderful authors, two wonderful books, two wonderful messages! ‘Waterbed’ makes me giggle. I’m not a fan of finding jellyfish as the way I seem to find them is with my bare feet! But, that photo is gorgeous. What a beautiful image…and rocking to sleep is such a soft, pretty idea. I might give jellyfish more respect now 🙂

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  2. Snail Mail treat comes from you and Irene, Kat. Lovely books for little ones…
    The jellyfish you photographed is amazing to look at. I wonder if it has a big sting.
    I love this delightful poem that makes a jellyfish less threatening.


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