S-CAT-terings of Kat Poems

The simple fun of magnetic poetry – playing with a limited palette, just for fun! (Click pic to view.)

Amazing what you can come up with, using a collection of cat-words.

Today’s Poetry Friday is hosted by Michelle at Michelle Kogan – where you will find art, poetry, and more poetry! Thanks for hosting, Michelle.


  1. Is this the “mischievous bird” you wrote about last week? Love the “break quiet night” reference, Kat, & your perfect cat words in the first one. I have ‘cat magnetic poetry’ on my gift list for my granddaughters. They have five cats!

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    • I’ve heard of paint chip poetry – but never tried it. (Perhaps because I’ve never needed paint samples?) I do love how prompts take us in unexpected directions. The shoulder is healing (I hope!), thanks, Patricia. We’ll see what next week brings!


  2. These are adorable, Kat! “Mischievous bird would scratch feet” made me laugh. (But no COW? Yesterday, I came across the cow poems we exchanged!)


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