A Week of Poetry Pep Up

This past week I have been running a Poetry Pep Up across social media platforms, with thanks to the support of CQRASN and the lovely Trudie Leigo. You can play catch-up with the prompts by clicking on the relevant day below, to go direct. It’s not too late to put some sparkle in your day, fire up your creativity, and build writing muscle.

During the Poetry Pep Up Zoom meets, I made mention of Poetry Friday. This is it! Today the round-up is being hosted by Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche, with an exquisite letter to her students, in the golden shovel format. At the bottom of Margaret’s post, other contributors will share their links for the week.

Next week’s round-up will be hosted by Irene Latham, at Live Your Poem — Celebrating Nikki Grimes. You can get the full schedule of hosts (updated as needed) from http://kidlitosphere.org.

If you don’t have a blog post to link in with, you are still very welcome to follow along and learn from this wonderful, warm and welcoming community of bloggers. Comments create community – so don’t be shy. 🙂

My collection written during the week is at the bottom of this post. I’ve also shared (with permission) one by Kirsty, new to poetry, who wrote a wonderful golden shovel with a strikeline from ‘Too Many Friends’.

There are a number of poets who didn’t get to complete the week, so it’s not to late to jump on board and use the prompts next week. You won’t be alone.

Stay safe and be kind.



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  1. Hooray! I so wanted to join in the pep up…but just had so much going on in my life I could not. I can now, at my leisure. Thank you for this dear, Kat. And for the humor and lightness in your poems. There’s been some dark days here. We poets tend to feel the darkness intensely before coping with a lot of light. So, I really appreciate the prompts collected in a post so I can move into some light! Your fishing mullet poem just cracked me up!


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the mullet! I didn’t actually get to post it to the socials, because it was Tuesday’s poem – and I just wanted to let it rest on the epigram. So I’m glad it gave you a giggle today, as you swim into the light. (I finally got my golden shovel done and added to the collection, too! Nothing like what I’d planned to write!🙃) Feel free to play around with the prompts next week. I know a few who will be doing the same. And take care of you. Go gently.♡

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your Pep Up prompts, Kathryn! While I don’t do social media, I did share the fruits of my labor on my blog. Time zone conflicts kept me from participating in your zoom calls, but I enjoyed the recording of the first one. Thank you for being a wonderful poetry ambassador. 🙂


    • I am impressed that you aren’t on social media, Bridget. It has its good points – but also its pitfalls. I’m glad you enjoyed such a productive week! Thanks for taking part.🙃


  3. I’ve loved reading everyone’s poems, Kat, & yours, too. That swing poem brings back good memories & I love the idea about zentangles, all really pretty! Happy Writing!

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  4. Yay you for spreading your poetry joy and expertise, Kat! You provided just the right balance of guidance and freedom. Although the week ran away from me (as they so often do) these are all terrific prompts which I will continue to enjoy in private practice. Yours are great! I particularly like your epigram and picture poem.

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    • Thank-you so much for joining us, Michelle – and for your feedback on my poems. The delight of seeing your face in that first Zoom chat continues to make me smile. Hoping you have fun as you continue to play with the prompts. 🙂


  5. Kat–Hooray for Poetry Pep Up! I lurked a bit and intend to come back and play. It’s nice to know I have such a great selection of prompts and mentor poems waiting in my pocket 🙂 A bright spot in a dark week. Thank you.


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