Poetry Pep Up – A Free Online Writing Opportunity

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I’m rather thrilled to be working with the Central Queensland Regional Arts Service Network (CQRASN) to run a free, online five-day Poetry Pep Up, from 1-5 June. The challenge is suitable for newbies or old-hands.

Fun fact: We get to kick off with a live group chat. AND we get to wrap things up with another live chat. I’m really looking forward to those.

There are various ways you can be a part. For more information check out; http://cqregionalarts.net or the Poetry Pep Up tab right here, or email Trudie Leigo on t.leigo@cqu.edu.au.

Poetry Friday this week is at Beyond LiteracyLink. Thanks for hosting, Carol! I will for sure be plugging this awesome community during #PoetryPepUp!


    • Yay! I look forward to sharing the fun with you, Linda. The time differences will only really matter for the webchats – and from my calculations, the Introduction/kick-off is at 7pm Sunday for you, so, possible? You won’t want to be at the wrap-up, which would be 2am Friday for you. But they’re just lovely bonuses. You can still do the five days. (You’re a non-stop poetry machine!!!)


  1. Oh, Kat, I will check it out, but don’t think I can do it. That is the big week of opening for the bookstore & I will be too busy to do extra. It sounds very wonderful!

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    • I can for sure understand that, Linda. And it’s wonderful that you’re getting back to opening! Pretty sure that will give a pep up on its own. I’ll be posting the prompts on my socials and on the Poetry Pep Up space I’ve created on this blog – so feel free to dabble if you get a chance. xx

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  2. What a great opportunity to write beside you, Kat. I signed up for the program with hopes that I will have time to play with words each day. Will you send us American EST times for the meetups? Best of luck preparing the week of work. I really like your ending digital. It is so comforting that I added it to my cache for a possible autumn gallery collection.

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    • Hi Carol. I’m so thrilled to have so many of the Poetry Friday crew joining the challenge. In terms of the times for the meetups, if you google ‘Queensland time now’ it gives you the current Qld time – which is what we will be operating on. That’s probably easier than me trying to match up all the different timezones. (I suspect one of those times falls middle of the night, for you.😔)


  3. Hola, Kat!! This is a great thing you’ve got planned, and how wonderful and silverliningish that we can all participate if we choose. I’ll give it a go for sure…and hope that it’s tiny enough to be workable for me.

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    • I’m rather excited by the response thus far, Heidi. I’ve mixed things up a bit, and I’m mindful of folk having lots on their plate at the moment – but as with any challenge, it doesn’t matter if you can’t do everything – or if you can’t do it on the given day. Would love to see you join in if you can.


  4. I signed up via email and marked my calendar, Kat. My participation track record is not great for these kinds of things, but I wish you all the best and hope to be there for the kick off!

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