Poetry Swap – from Jone & Ruth

Hi all. Fridays fly around pretty quickly these days! I’ve missed a couple – again!! I hope you’re all keeping safe and sweet; giving and receiving kindness.

Talking about kindness… Today I’m sharing some treasures I received as a part of Tabatha’s Poetry Swap. It’s so generous of Tabatha Yeatts to organise these for us – and a joy to receive them! Continue reading

A Week of Poetry Pep Up

This past week I have been running a Poetry Pep Up across social media platforms, with thanks to the support of CQRASN and the lovely Trudie Leigo. You can play catch-up with the prompts by clicking on the relevant day below, to go direct. It’s not too late to put some sparkle in your day, fire up your creativity, and build writing muscle. Continue reading