My Niece Announces The Best Cat


I just received the most adorable email from my sister – so this week’s scheduled Poetry Friday post has been delayed, until next week. (And I was rather chuffed with it, so please do check back next week. 🙂 )

During my Month of Poetry this year, I wrote a (different) poetry  collection for each of my nieces. MissyK’s birthday was earlier in the year, so she had already received her collection. Recently it was LittleMissPurple’s birthday. Tonight my sister read one of the poems, a cat poem, to LMPurple. When my sister tucked LMPurple into bed, MissyK piped up, “I heard that cat poem and it made me think of this poem.

Out of all the cats in the world;
White, ginger and black.
The Auntie Kat is the best!”

Please excuse me while I melt.

To be honest, when I first saw the collection of words, ‘ginger’, ‘cats’ and ‘Auntie Kat’ had already leapt out at me. So I was ready for cute, thinking she was referring to our SavvyCat… But I was not ready for this much cute! And poetry… Love that my little niece finds poetry without prompting.

All other posts are on hold, and this one is sliding in early. You can still visit Irene at Live Your Poem to indulge in the link-up and Fresh Delicious poetry from others around the Poetry Friday globe.

Meanwhile, I am feeling purrrr-fectly loved and creamy-katswhiskers content. 🙂




  1. I know I would stop all other posts in order to share this too, Kat. It certainly is “purrrrfect!” I like hearing about the books of poems you’ve created. I crafted a book for my three grandchildren for last Christmas. It was fun to do.

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