Speak Love

I wrote this golden shovel last year on Day Five of the Poetry Pep-Up – but I’d already shared my ‘How Do You Like to go Up in a Swing’. I wasn’t sure this was finished, so I didn’t share it… and forgot about it, until I stumbled on it this week.

With distance, I can say it is finished. Sharing it today – because we can never have enough sweet words.

Speak Love

Speak with eyes of love
so that your heart is
soft in your mouth. Be patient;
chew words like wax until warm and
brimming with sweet honey for humankind.

© Kathryn Apel 2021 - All rights reserved 
Strike line; Love is patient and kind.  1 Corinthians 13:4a.

Denise is hosting the Poetry Friday link collection this week at Dare to Care. Thanks, Denise.

I’ve been engaged in some wonderful poetry discussion on Twitter in recent days, about the value of poetry – and the age-old conundrum of poetry being a hard market to crack. Neal Zetter pointed me to his recent blog post, outlining his plan to make poetry more visible – starting with the bookshops. Worth a read! 🙂


  1. Kat, I love your beautiful golden shovel; it moves me and resonates with me. Your word choices and your warm photo feel like a hug. Thank you. I also liked the link to to Neil Zetter’s blog and agree with him. Next time I’m in a bookstore I’ll talk about how important children’s poetry is and ask them to display some books. We have a good independent bookstore that has a good variety of poetry books and they know where they are. I always tell the sales people and librarians to read the poetry books. (My cat told me a long time ago, “Mommy, it’s time to go to sleep.” She’s now making whimpering-like sounds in her sleep. LOL 🙂

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  2. Wow, “speak love” is right. What lovely words of wisdom you share here. I love these phrases so much: “your heart is
    soft in your mouth” and “chew words like wax until warm.” Yes, that would make for so much richness if we could all do that. I certainly agree, this is finished! Beautiful!

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  3. Kat, not only is this image poem is inspirational-worthy, it is a beautiful visual. “so that your heart is/soft in your mouth” speaks volumes to me. I would love to add this to my “Nurturing Our Summer Souls” Gallery as a wonderful reminder that words nurture our souls at all times. May I add this one?

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  4. That’s lovely, and it’s a neat golden shovel. The phrase “so that your heart is/soft in your mouth” reminds me of gentle meditation and yoga instructions to relax one’s mouth & jaw. Being kind as a tension reliever!

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  5. This post feels like a hug…what a beautiful image and verse pair. I have kids specifically asking for verse novels. I’m not convinced kids don’t like poetry. They might not like “classic” poetry. But, poetry of their time is very much alive!

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  6. Speak with eyes of love is a wonderful opening line. Last Sunday the sermon was about tongues as sharp as knives and how we need to know that our words can harm each other. I want to send this poem to my friend and priest Annie.

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  7. Sometimes we need to let our words rest until they are ready to more clearly reveal their intent Kat. Your Golden Shovel has delivered treasure. The world needs sweet, soothing and caring words right now and these slow brewed words have matured beautifully.

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