I Don’t Want a Pet SNAKE!

A ssssshort and sssssharp post today to ssssshare a reading of my poem, ‘I Don’t Want a Pet SNAKE’, published by The School Magazine, Blast Off 4, 2020, illustrated by Christopher Nielsen and read by Geoffrey McSkimming.

Use it to teach persuasive texts… and caution in what you wish for. And read it just for fun!

NSW Education Department planned this resource, using it in a study of alliteration.

To see what Jama’s cooking up for Poetry Friday  (Oooh… There be chocolate!) – and to get all the good links – click across to Jama’s Alphabet Soup. Thanks for hosting this week!


  1. Sssssensational! I love the reading and the illustration is terrific, too! Here’s my experience, at least one of them. In the school where I taught, each teacher had an assistant & one year my assistant was a reptile rescue/lover. She had pet boas & brought them in to visit often. We actually got to know them pretty well, though they aren’t fun like your poem shares, to jump and run with – ha! My students would drape them around their shoulders, really, and sit and pet them. Everyone, even the snakes, was quite at ease.


    • What a wonderful tale, Linda. I have touched a snake – that was draped around my sons’ shoulders. I’m not sure I’d say I was at ease… but I was for sure a lot more relaxed than I would have been if it was a spider!!

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    • I think we could trade a few varieties of snake for your garter snake! A small, harmless snake would be kinda cool! My hubby and son spotted (or striped) a bandy-bandy recently – and were totally fascinated by its hooped display. (They got a video, so I sort-of saw it.🙃) And then, last week, son saw another one. Completely different location. Quite amazing, since hubby was born here, and has never seen one – and now they’ve had two in two months.

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  2. Oh, I love the narration of this poem. So much fun! I wanted to listen last night when I first saw this but I was sitting next to hubby who was studying for a final exam…and I didn’t have my headphones with me! It’s really cool how much fun is packed into all the thingsssss about a snake. I will share this with students for distance learning today!


  3. Kat, this is a ssssssentsational post that has me thinking how I can use the guide focusing on your poem in my Summer Institute grad course for teachers. I love the way you wove the alliteration into your poem. You should write a book of alliterative poetry.


  4. What a great poem… the rattle at the end actually gave me a shiver. Thanks for sharing this… it’s sort of an “un-bliss.” K


  5. The reader does your poem proud Kat. A most impressive presentation. I’m with you when it comes to snakes. Your poem is full of delightful sounds and rhyme. All that snakelike sibilance fits perfectly.


  6. It must be so much fun to see your work produced like that! I have a bit of a snake phobia, myself–it’s just as well I don’t run into them often or my life would be quite disrupted. Most enjoyable!


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