‘Too Many Friends’ Video & DIY Mother’s Day Gift Sorted!

My goodness! Life has been busy! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve linked in for Poetry Friday. I’m just thankful that I’ve connected to lots of you through Twitter or Instagram, so I’ve not been completely out of your loop. It’s been wonderful to catch snippets of what everyone is doing with poetry and life – and so reassuring to see/hear from you! Keep keeping well … and keep sharing your joy and hope. The world is a better place for it!

I’m sharing a video for today’s post, hoping it’s helpful for educators and carers in this difficult time. I read a poem called ‘I Don’t EAT My Friends‘, from my verse novel, ‘Too Many Friends’, and I briefly chat about lollies, friends, pet-friends, then quickly share a poetry project for young listeners/writers … to connect them to their friends. You’ll find a friend template (and more crafty activities) under the Too Many Friends Stuff tab, above.

AND … with Mother’s Day happening this weekend in Australia, I’m also linking to a post I created for a Recycled Poetry Craft. If you’ve been caught out, then make your own heartfelt gift for your mum to treasure. Think of things you love about your mum, or interests your mum has, then go on a word hunt, fancy it up, and voilà… a poetry wall hanging! (Ooooh… And totally unplanned, but I’m just thinking it would go very nicely with a mumfriend-shaped-poem card!🥰)

Whatever your weekend brings, I hope it’s special. I look forward to catching up with all my PoetryFriday friends at Today’s Little Ditty. Thanks for hosting us, Michelle!


  1. What a treat to see you in your wonderful video and to hear you read “I Don’t Eat My Friends”! I prefer chocolate to lollies, too, but love hearing you say the latter 🙂 Stay well, Kat!

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  2. Oh, Kat this was so fun to see. I must be super emotional these days because I got tears in my eyes seeing Queenie and thinking of kids creating shape poems. We are still quarantine-ing here. Although, there are protests about it almost every day and folks out and about that aren’t wearing masks. Sadly, it’s turned political here. It makes me sad and mad. I really enjoyed listening to you read and seeing the ‘outside’ where you are. Well done!

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    • Sad and mad is right, Linda. I cannot comprehend that people can be so aggressive (fullstop) about rights – when we have a responsibility (and a heart!) to care for others. Keep doing your bit to share hope and joy – and stay well! I’m so glad I got to share a little of my home with you.🥰


  3. What fun to watch your video, Kat, to see you in your home environment, and meet some of your special little furry friends! You have such a lovely way about you when you read. I so enjoyed TOO MANY FRIENDS and if anyone reading these comments might like to find out more about it (and you), they should visit your interview on TLD: https://michellehbarnes.blogspot.com/2017/05/book-love-too-many-friends-giveaway.html

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  4. I loved seeing you in your video, Kat, & hearing you! And, thanks for the extra art project. I will send it to my granddaughters who were talking yesterday about what they were going to do for their mom for Mother’s Day! This new book sounds very good! Hope you continue your good health & have a lovely weekend!

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    • Oh, I hope your delightful granddaughters have fun with it, Linda. (I feel like I know them a little from your instagram posts.) ‘Too Many Friends’ isn’t a new book – I just thought to share some of my resources for it, to help during this time of lockdowns and isolation. And friends (and lollies (and chocolate!)) are always a good thing!💞


  5. Kat, I am so excited to see your video with your sweet little friends. I must admit that chocolate is my fav any day. Your new book sounds like a great story and your craft project is a fun way to write a poem. Thanks for all the poetry goodness today. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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    • Well – now that you mention frosting and cupcakes, I’ve got to admit, you’ll get me every time with scones and jam & cream (real, dairy cream!) – or pikelets (with j&c). And thank-you for your lovely comment about my video. I appreciate that!🥰


  6. The video is lovely and so much fun. Thank you for the activity. I’m going to share it with my grandchildren. Happy Mother’s Day!

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    • There have been chilly days here, since this video, Michelle. It changed overnight! After being snug and warm during my American travel, this year I went out and bought a heater.♨️


  7. I love watching you, hearing your voice, meeting your friends. Such fun to connect with you. I hope for some time to play with collage art soon. It’s just fun! Thanks!


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