G’day Poetry Friday Peeps!

G’day! How wonderful to welcome all you Poetry Friday people, not just to my blog, but Downunder. Yes, the round-up is coming to you from Australia, where it’s the middle of summer (soooo hot!) – yet beautiful, none-the-less. So, slip into your togs, (perhaps I can tempt you for a dip in our beautiful Burnett River, later?) find a cool shady breeze, (you might need to make one) take a wedge of watermelon, or a mango cheek, then kick back and enjoy.

I’m in the process of writing a poem-a-day as a snapshot diary-of-sorts for the start of 2019, which I’ve been sharing as Insta-poetry. Perhaps you’d like to take a wander through the week with me before, you plunge into a host of poetry posts from around the world. Day 1, 2 and 3 featured in last week’s post, and on Instagram, but feel free to click back. 🙂 (I would delete the Instagram captions from this post, if I could, but alas…)

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

I’m using the hashtag #MoPoetry2019 on Instagram. You’re welcome to join! There’ll be a newbie up from me today… and more to come each day this month. Meanwhile, the Poetry Friday linkup is below. Can’t wait to check out all your goodies. 🙂

Share your Poetry Friday links here. All are welcome to read… and be inspired! 🙂

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  1. It seems the time Gods are with us this week Kat! I have never posted this early for Poetryfriday -Ever!. The morning is warming up in Melbourne too. Love these insta poems. Precise and pertinent pieces revealing the life and times of a northern poet. Diverse forms complemented by photographs revealing assorted local surroundings and inhabitants. Thank you for hosting. Love the energy of your post as we move a little further into 2019.

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    • I see from a friend’s instagram post that there was snow in Tasmania earlier this week – so I perhaps shouldn’t speak for all of Australia when I say it is ‘soooooo hot’. 🙂 So glad you enjoyed the insta-poems. When I started, I was only half committed to a month-long project – but I have been loving the challenge of marrying pic to poem to daily life, and am quite delighted with the collection. Definitely committed, now.

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  2. Your post is bubbling over with poetry goodness Kat!!! I’ve been following and enjoying your Insta-poetry this week. I love your slug poem, I’ve done some drawings of them. I’d be happy if you want to send some of your balmy weather over to Chicago, we’re in the 20’s now… Thanks for hosting the roundup this week–it’s a pleasure to have your warmth shining over on us!

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    • Slugs are fascinating, Michelle. It isn’t until you get down close to try and photograph them that you really see how amazing they are. Like those little eyes! (Which I see better in a photo, than in real life!!) Sending warmth your way!😎

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  3. It was such fun to enjoy your Insta-poetry all in one spot. I am not an Instagram user …yet? At any rate, I admire your commitment to writing a poem a day and thoroughly enjoyed these. Thanks for sharing — I think I could feel a bit of Aussie sunshine coming through, too! Very welcome right now in chilly Maine!

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  4. Kat, your instapoems are wonderful! I do love the pink-y flowers and the slug. So much fun. I have neglected my insta account. It’s time to get back to it. Glad you are enjoying a hot summer. The thought of a summer’s day is lovely as I thaw out from walking the dog in freezing temps. Happy Poetry Friday to you. Thank you so much for hosting.

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    • I’ve picked you up on insta, Linda – so if you do get back into it, I’ll look forward to following along. 🙂 Today’s Insta-poem also features (different) pink flowers. The pink just carries so much joy!


  5. I have been enjoying your Insta-Poetry, Kat, and am so glad to have joined you in the venture. Although, I am not in the daily routine, it has been fun watching your instapoems come cross my screen. The slug was a really fun one to read on Day 9. Thanks for hosting and being so versatile in your approaches to instagram poetry. Got to spread #poetrylove around the globe.

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  6. I love this ‘insta’ gift of your world, Kat, a taste of what we can look forward to in the north. If that river is something special all the time, you are lucky indeed. I love seeing the ‘get together’, learning about mise en abyme, and that snail picture, awesome tentacles & alliteration! I’ll be back later with a post! Thanks for hosting!

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    • Isn’t it fabulous! I tried(!!) to get a pic with the river in the background (because it’s on the riverside) but it’s angled all wrong for that. To get the face in any way, you had to get buildings in the background.


  7. Thanks for hosting, Kat, and for sharing these! Very creative, with so many different uses of style and tone..I especially love the simplicity of the 2nd one. (My post doesn’t go live for another 2 hours, but it’s late at night here, and I need to hit the hay!)

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    • Thanks, Matt. I was trying to write the Ceratodus poem (in rhyme – completely wrong) that day, and with moments until midnight, I went back through my pics, saw that one and instantly remembered the birdsong choir… Voilà. (Phew!)


    • Those two seems to be favourites with a few people – here and on insta. I think it’s the joy of the pink in the flowers (Unplanned, but todays’ poem is another haiku, with a different vibrant-pink flower.)


  8. Hi to summery Kat! I think I’ll take a mango cheek, thank you!

    Congratulations on daily poems to celebrate 2019.
    They are fun & in the case of the sublime water view with lorikeets
    so serenely cool (if the temps there are hot.) And I love
    “snail script”

    Hello to all your crit crew group gals – feels as if I am
    meeting with them, too.

    Appreciations for hosting. I’ve not returned to instagram &
    this is giving me inspiration.

    Here in North Florida (frost on our Meyer lemons during the nite!)
    If anyone wants to visit me, I have a new poem, “Rare”
    from trekking into the wet woods just last Sunday & finding an
    uncommon rainbow room (more commonly called a swamp rainbow)
    Happy New Year!

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  9. All you creative folks totally blow me away! You not only write poetry every single day, but also take photographs and make it into artistic renderings. And then post it in Insta-poetry, which I assume is somehow connected to Instagram, which is something else I have never quite gotten the hang of! Hats off to you! And so many different moods- some playful, some serious. I love “floral fiesta!” Today I shared a haiku collection I discovered while I was a CYBILS judge. https://carolwscorner.blogspot.com/2019/01/seeing-into-tomorrow-by-richard-wright.html

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    • You are too lovely! Yes, they’re posted on Instagram. I’m trying to be very good and not spend too much time on writing, creating OR posting – use it as a joy-moment, not a time-suck. The only poem that broke that was the Ceratodus – possibly because it was a topic that has tempted me for so long, and I therefore had certain expectations before I even began… But mostly they’re quick and fun – and refreshing to write.


  10. I adore your Insta-poems! What a marvelous and lovely idea. Normally, I think I would have skipped past the one about the slug, but my daughter recently read THE SOUND OF A WILD SNAIL EATING and she’s been telling me all sorts of interesting factoids about snails. 🙂

    Thanks for giving us a taste of your Insta-poetry here, and thanks for hosting!

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    • I grew up without slugs or snails – only really got to ‘see’ them about five years ago – and am still in love with them. On one hand, so tentative – on the other, so quietly confident… And rather cute, too! Would love to hear some of your daughter’s facts. 🙂


    • Thanks, Laura. I make them in PhotoShop. I’m glad you like Ceratodus. Aside from sentiment, I spent way-longer on that one. (Took me a while to find the right groove. Because who knew he wasn’t supposed to be a rhymer?)


  11. Your poems and pics are so much fun! Thanks for sharing them and for hosting Poetry Friday. The first one made me laugh–and wish I was there! And I also really liked your poem about slugs–but I do seem to like little critters.
    And I do long for some summer here in gray, cold Chicago winter.

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  12. From up here in the frozen north of New Hampshire, I’m loving seeing you and your crit group in your colorful summer duds! Great limerick, too. That slug photo and poem are my favorite! Good for you for writing a poem a day!

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  13. “slowly scribed in sheen of slime”
    Stop! I love it!
    Thank you for hosting. I am late to the party but so glad I am here. Your insta-poetry brightened up a wintry afternoon here in Western New York. xx

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