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Welcome poetry peeps! Once again I’m linking to my #MoPoetry2019 Insta-Poems for PoetryFriday. This week marked halfway… Rolling downhill now! Thank-you Michelle Kogan, Carol Varsalona, Linda Baie and Jone MacCulloch for also jumping in and sharing the creativity! It’s been fun. I’m looking forward to another week of word art.😊

Day 11:

Day 12:

Day 13:

Day 14:

Day 15:

Day 16:

Ooops. Turns out I was getting ahead of myself – and today is only Thursday! (All day!!) So – here is one more Insta-Poem, to round off my week of #MoPoetry2019.

Day 17:

If you’ve got a fave, I’d love to hear it. It’s always interesting to know what appeals to others. 🙂 If you’re tempted to join in with some of your own, you’ll find us at #MoPoetry2019 on Instagram.

You’ll find the full #PoetryFriday roundup here;


  1. I’ve loved everyone, Kat, & adding my own when I’m inspired! I especially love that ‘starburst’, gorgeous flower & poem, & the cat in a drawer, of course, it would take over! Happy weekend!

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    • Thank-you, Tabatha. Each week there has been one day, one poem, that has taken more time, more styles, more drafts… Last week it was the ceratodus, and this week, that turtle. So glad you liked. 🙂


  2. How refreshing your Insta-poems are Kat! If I have to pick a fav I’d go with two: the “starburst streaks” image and poem leave me starstruck, and your “swish fish” is quite inviting too! BTW is that a beta fish, I’ve been house sitting my daughter’s while she’s been traveling on a college trip to Sienna, I wrote a poem about her fish too. Thanks for all the fun here!

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    • That’s my son’s Swish fish, and yes, it is a betta fish, commonly known as a Siamese fighting fish. He’s rather lovely. (Much more interactive than I’d thought a fish would be!)


    • I think the turtle photo maybe looks a little bleaker than he was. He didn’t have a long walk – our house sits between two dams; big dam and little dam. And we carried him the last 100metres… and THEN extricated him and carried him right into the water, after he got bogged down in the mud! (I put those pics into my instagram story.)


  3. The cat one made me laugh (ours loves to jump into the empty cubby created when I take out the last bath towels in the stack in the linen closet) but the turtle one made my heart hurt. We humans are causing such damage to our beautiful planet and its creatures.

    I think I love your images almost as much as your poetry. It’s fun to see what you see…down under!

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    • I don’t journal – which is just one of the reasons I’ve always loved MoP; capturing a snippet of my life. But I tell you, I’m a wee-bit tempted to keep it going in some form (not daily) with these… Contemplating. But not committing. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoy pics and poetry.


  4. All of these are like a breath of summer as I sit inside with a cold rain (later turning to ice and snow) but my favorite is the turtle zeno. You make this form look effortless with this one–and I’ve tried to write one, so I know better!

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    • Thank-you! It usually takes a little bit for me to get into the rhythm of writing a zeno. But after many other failed forms this day, I tried the zeno – and was very relieved/thankful when it fell neatly onto the page!


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