I hope your year has got off to a 🎉cracker🎊 start. 2018 was an amazing writing journey, and I am hoping it keeps rolling into 2019. It’s already been quite productive, writing a synopsis and query letter for that historical Antarctic verse novel I worked on throughout 2018, (So excited about that!) and putting down some words for a new picture book that has been rolling around in my mind the past 12 months. AND … In the spirit of Month of Poetry from years gone by, I spur-of-the-moment started writing a poem-a-day as a snapshot diary-of-sorts for the start of 2019. Some Insta-Poetry! I’m not sure I’ll stick with it for the full month (I am quite happy to fall down a hole with other writing projects) … but wordplay is always a good thing, and good fun! If you want to jump on board, I’m using the hashtag #MoPoetry2019 on Instagram. (It’s just me, at the moment.🙂)

If you’re intrigued by that flower in the top pic, you can see more on my instagram, starting at this post. My camera was a wee-bit busy over the 12hr period it bloomed so beautifully.

Sylvia has the roundup this week, at Poetry for Children. Next week I’ll be hosting the #PoetryFriday roundup – so check back then for links to poetry posts around the world and be inspired! For now… I’m off for a crit & chat with some lovely local kidlit peeps. I may be gone for a while… 😂


  1. I think you’ve inspired me to visit my botanic gardens, inside where all those tropical plants are blooming. Outside, they wait. Love your rainy sprinkles & your diary capture of the month. I thought of that as I wrote in December, a diary of sorts that I’ll read and enjoy. Happy New Year, Kat!

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  2. I love your insta poetry! I’ve been trying to write something daily. I did well through December (at least through Christmas), but I’ve already missed a day in January. There’s always tomorrow.

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    • So true… Tomorrow – and one tomorrow you may be so inspired you write two. 😉 I think I may have cheated a bit with Insta-poems – because that keeps them short! My goal is to make them enticing… quickly! (That way I can invest in family and other writing projects.) Enjoy your challenge!


  3. Kat, do you have insta-pots in Australia? They are all the rage here…some sort of fast cooking crock-pot type of appliance. Anyway, I somehow am thinking of your poems as quickly cooked up and very delicious! I have promised myself to become more active on instagram. I will try it with you! Happy New Year.

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    • I haven’t heard of an insta-pot. (Just had a google – and they’re not available here, yet.) But I do like delicious poetry. Sounds juicy and yum! I’ve just connected to you on Insta and look forward to catching up with you there, too. 🙃


  4. Like you, I don’t journal. For the couple of years that I wrote a poem a day, though, the poems serve as reminder of things that would surely have have been lost.

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  5. Thanks for your treasure of Insta–poetry Kat–I like them all, especially your
    blooms in my
    And that first pic is gorgeous, it fits your regal poem. I was continuing the #haikuforhope, but perhaps I’ll take a jump over to your #MoPoetry2019 for a day or too…

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    • I am not surprised to hear you like the purple blooms, Michelle – because now I think about it, purple is definitely a colour I associate with you! It suits you. 🙂 I’d love to have you join in some #MoPoetry2019.


    • My first MoP was haiku – because I just wanted to try and get a grasp of what it was! I can recognise it now – but it’s still tricky to write! Do not start me talking about my Antarctic verse novel, or we could fall down a very big hole. I am so in love with that story! And thrilled that it is now at the submission stage. Excited, much!


  6. #1 strikes my fancy, Kat. It should be a picture postcard. May I capture this for a future winter gallery of artistic expressions?: I like the idea of a January Poem a Day, Kat.? Perhaps I will join you when I have a chance.

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    • Glad you like, Carol. It doesn’t take a place in a winter gallery, though. It is middle of summer, here! 🙂 Hoping to see you with a Poem a Day. I just clicked over one week – and it’s been lovely!


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