On Silence and Writing

It has been so long since I posted to my blog, that I feel like I need to just jump in and not even try to play catch-ups … so here I am!

Life has been gloriously busy, with Book ‘Week’ visits waaay back in August, and so many other wonderful activities celebrating literature and/or poetry.

And too, there has been writing. So much writing! Much of September has been spent immersed in words – either my historical non-fiction Antarctic verse novel (which just this morning clicked over 20k! 🎉🤩🎊 Sooooo close to finished!) a kids’ poetry collection, and an unexpected rhyming picture book – that grew from one of the poems …

My bog has been neglected, but my writing has not! Here are two little snippets from my verse novel. Firstly, a cherita, a form I have learnt much about from Diane Mayr’s blog. Technically a cherita doesn’t have a title – though I do have one on stand-by, if needed.😉

The door is barred.

Cast one 
look back

our last

© Kathryn Apel, all rights reserved

And secondly, a list poem.

The Things We Had Forgotten

          Cook Harbour,
          Staten Island
       Isla de los Estados;

	waves washing 
variegated rubble-stones
	inexpressible pleasure of
green grass

	peeping out of the stones 
a flower!

	closely arching 
beech bushes

	overpoweringly magnificent
valley of trees

	barberry shrubs dripping
red bell-like flowers

	airborne insects – even
large yellow moths 

	twittering crowds of
small birds …

       Overcome with emotion
        I am scarcely able
            to proceed.

© Kathryn Apel, all rights reserved

Happy Poetry Friday. It’s good to be back! Now to find out who is hosting the round-up – and catch-up on everyone’s news!

Oh! Tabatha is hosting – with an invitation to take part in the ‘Winter’ poetry swap – which is summer for us Aussies. I am so glad I didn’t miss that invitation!



    • Glad you enjoyed, Michelle. Thank-you. I should clarify… Whilst I’ve *worked* on lots of different projects, none of them are actually ‘sold’ yet. Just starting that process… But wonderful to have been so productive! 🙂

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  1. Oh.Your snippets make me want to read your novel – historical fiction AND verse – two of my favourites. (Actually I just realised you said ‘historical non-fiction’ in your post but I’m guessing, since it’s first person that it’s fiction??

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      • So no characters then? Sorry So many questions, but I’m curious. Historical fiction uses facts too, but even when the characters are real people, the thing that makes it fiction is that we use dialogue, thoughts etc – rather than simply stating the facts.

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      • Hmmm… I can see we are going to need to talk some more about this, Sally. (I’ve been thinking I need to email you – or skype – for a while. Then keep pouring my words into the WIP while I can! 😛 Must catch up!) Yes – a cast of characters. Maybe I’ve been calling it wrong? Just that I have been sticking strictly to facts – and not padding it out with fiction… It is what it is – but I’d better make sure I label it correctly! 🙂


  2. Definitely we can talk. What you are referring to is historical fiction – based on real events, only within the realms of what did/could happen, but uses dialogue etc and sometimes adds characters or details which we know could be real but can’t verify (eg what they ate for dinner on a particular night). But I wouldn’t stress about it if I were you – it sounds awesome whatever you call it!

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    • You know, I’m still not sure/convinced? Because I haven’t included details (or characters) I can’t substantiate – I just wrote them in creative ways. Either way, I love what it has produced… and had always decided to ‘just write it’ – and then label it. 🙂 Will email you about a catch-up. Perhaps next week? I wonder if my phone plan covers calls to Vietnam? (It does for some countries.) If not, there is skype… (And thanks!)


  3. I’ve read quite a lot about Shackleton’s voyage in the Antarctic, so am so intrigued to hear about your writing, Kat. It’s great to hear about all your projects, can see how you’ve been so busy. I love your poems, and the title of that second one is interesting to imagine in many ways. You’ve described the things we often do overlook, great idea. Thanks for sharing so much.

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    • Rather excited, Linda, because I pulled (yet another) late night and finished the first draft of the verse novel. Now to let it sit, before I go back for a clean read. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it!

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  4. So glad to see you been busy! Best thing about poetry Friday is that you CAN pick up right where you left off—-like an old friend. 20,000?! Congratulations 🎉 I’m looking forward to hearing more.

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    • I called the first draft ‘finished’ in the early hours of this morning – at 20,195 words. Soooo happy! (I hadn’t realised I was going to achieve that, yesterday! … Errr – today!) Now I have the weekend to celebrate with PF friends. 🎊


  5. As writers and poets we are constantly hearing the call from the various rooms of our writing lives. Like you I have been spending time in some spaces and feeling a sense of guilt that others are feeling neglected. Thank you also for introducing me to another poetry form. It is always good to encounter new and exciting challenges Kat. Enjoyed your poems by the way. List poems are an enduring favourite.Blog on!

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    • It is a joy to tuck away into the writing rooms, Allan. Enjoy! I had thought to have more time this year, but it’s been such a busy year(!) so when BookWeek activities finished, I dived right in. Now I’m wondering how I ever squeezed work into the equation – because there is so much more I need to write! (Hoping I don’t have to try and squeeze work back in again!)


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