Flocking with Feathers

They say birds of a feather flock together – and that is never more true than in the Poetry Friday community. This week, our hostess, Christie Wyman has asked us to hatch up some feathered friends in verse form. Since Book Week is upon us, and life is busy, I’m cheating, and pulling out some old faves; photo poems featuring birdlife. Admittedly some are very brief – but that’s the beauty of poetry, where each weighted word has to work within the poem!

I give you a cinquain (didactic), two haiku, and a couplet – a peck of poetry!






  1. I love that ‘peck of poetry’, too, Kat. And all the poems are lovely, perhaps in their differences too, whimsical, clever & beautiful. That egret tree blossoming – wow!

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  2. There’s so much to love here, that it’s hard to choose what to comment on! That blossoming egret tree is unforgettable, and I’m also partial to the fish feeding frenzy. It’s such fun to read aloud and another great image. I also love your word play throughout this post. Well done!

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    • Thank-you, Molly. Such a lovely comment. I find myself capturing lots of holiday moments in photo/verse these days. (The bottom two above.) It was fun to revisit them. Short bursts of poetry capture strong moments.

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  3. These are lovely…and short is beautiful. Your photo-word pairing is an extra bit of creativity. I’m partial to that egret tree. I saw egrets this summer at the beach and fell in love with them. I didn’t get any good pics. I love them all in the tree.

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  4. Wow, you really had some depth in your bird catalog! As for others (including you), the egret tree is my favorite, because in a very few words it makes us see the egrets in several new ways, all of which suddenly make perfect sense. Isn’t it nice when we get a chance to do that?

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