Word Art – Zentangle Poetry

I love words, but I’m not so good with art. So when I find a way of using words to create art… I fall a little bit in love.

I’m a little big bit in love with zentangle poetry – a form of found poetry, not unlike blackout poetry, except that instead of blacking out unwanted words with a niko, you use repetetive lines and patterns to make a zentangle to frame your poem. Zentangle patterns are an art unto themselves. There are many pages where you can be inspired, including this clipzine site.

Miriam Paternoster has the most astounding video of her process. She blows me away, every time! Because I don’t have Miriam’s level of ability, I tend to find my poem first, and then create my simple art from there. Sometimes I just pattern the page, like this enlightening chocolate poem.


On rare occasions I produce something that actually resembles an object. Like this zentangle poem about ‘the telephone’.

The Telephone Zentangle Poem

‘the telephone’

The hardest part is defacing a book…

Feel free to share links to any zentangles you may have created, in the comments. And click across to Carol’s Corner to read more Poetry Friday posts.




  1. Wow! Love these. I have saved some damaged books with the thought of attempting blackout poems, but now that I’ve been introduced to the form I may just have to have a go! Thanks Kat.


  2. Zentangles are not new to me, but using them on a page for poetry is. Wow! Each one is beautiful, Kat. The telephone is a treasure. I have some old books that I’ve been saving for some project, will try it!


    • Boy, I’m so much wishing we could all just get together and have an afternoon of zentangle poetry. It would be so much fun! Inspiring and creative. Enjoy your play, Linda.


  3. Your Zentangle poems look great! I find making a blackout poem difficult enough — this adds a whole other layer of challenge — but the results are inspiring.


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