A Polm to Remeber my Nanny

Poetry Friday this week is hosted by Carol, at Beyond Literacy Link. Thanks, Carol! If you’re a teacher, a poet, or a reader of poetry, then click across and be inspired. There is so much good stuff shared amongst the Poetry Friday crew. And much to love about poetry!

Recently one of my gorgeous girls (that would be one of my nieces) celebrated her seventh birthday. I wrote a collection of poems for her – some silly, some serious, lots about horses, some about cats, some rhyming, and quite a few free verse. I was delighted to hear that she loved it. MissyK often writes poems with me when she comes to visit … Moments we both enjoy, that I treasure.

Mid-week, my sister sent me an email. It was two years since her mother-in-law had passed away. MissyK was wondering why her dad wasn’t there when she arrived home from school, so my sister explained that Poppy was feeling sad, (and why) so MissyK’s daddy was spending time with his dad. A few hours later MissyK brought my sister, and later her dad, to tears when she came out with this beautiful tribute. ‘Completely unaided – I didn’t even know she was writing it until it was done.’


Somehow MissyK knows that poetry comes from your heart. That poetry helps you express things you may not otherwise have words for. And she knows that poetry is beautiful – and what better way to honour a beloved Nanny, than by expressing that love (and loss) in poetry. What better way to comfort your Daddy and your Poppy, than with word-hugs.

I’m so glad that you’ve found poetry, MissyK, and I’m teary-proud of your beautiful heart – and words.  xx


  1. Poetry from a child to honor her Nanny-how wonderful to read this and to know that from a child’s heart beautiful lines are rendered. I love the term “word hugs” that you are using. From one heart to another.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing MissyK’s poem. For our greatest sorrows and joys, only a poem will do. Seeing this written in a child’s hand makes it extra poignant.


    • The combination of foodie poetry posts this week (yours included, of course!) had me going back to ‘Grandma’s Pikelets’, the poem that I wrote and read at my G’ma’s funeral 6 months ago… and I suspect that there lies the biggest piece in the path to a ‘polm to remeber Nanny’.


  3. Such a sweet tribute from one so young. I love all the things that Missy K already knows about poetry thanks to your influence. Bookmarking this post to include in poems I love. Thanks for sharing!


  4. That’s a great skill she has — to turn to poetry when she needs to express something important, and to express herself so well. Kudos to her aunt for helping!


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