Poetry Quotes & Jokes

Two poetry quotes I discovered this week.

1) I’m sure you’ve all heard this one before – but it’s my first time, so I have to share it. KatApel_Poet

I had been working the quote onto a photo of our SavvyCat – but as my son pointed out, ‘That’s more for a joker…’ so the spider stepped out as the poet, and SavvyCat became the joker that he is!


2) This one made me laugh – found at skreened.com.
I’d actually been expecting something about punctuation… but this works. 😀 Funny – but true, too! Alignment of a poem is such a big part of its success. It is amazing how a line break can change the weight of words – and impact on the pausing and emphasis when someone else is reading your words. It is one of those magical things about poetry – when someone crawls into your head and reads words you have written exactly as you have heard them read in your imagination. ❤

Find more poetry goodies at Random Noodling
, where Diane is collecting the Poetry Friday round-up. Thanks, Diane! (While you’re there, scroll through earlier posts, because Diane is the Queen of Haiku!)


  1. Great, Kathryn. My co-worker was having problems yesterday and something she was working on ended up as “poem” down the page!


  2. Fun post! I love your cat photo and the T-shirt is great. Perhaps next time I’m writing something and having trouble, I’ll just push enter a few more times! It couldn’t hurt! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I want to hug that kitty, and about the T-shirt — teaching kids to break lines is one of the first steps towards poetic thinking…I think!


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