RIBBITS – Class Poem

This year I’m leaping back into classroom teaching, working part-time in a Year 3 room. My first (gorgeous!) class was a straight Year 3 (everything else has been multi-age) so I’m really looking forward to the year.


Sadly, this is the only poem I’ve written this week, in my Month of Poetry. We’ve had an intensive pupil-free week of extended days jam-packed with meetings and workshops… followed up by planning and prep. BUT… I am still ahead on my ‘count’, based on those poetry collections that I wrote earlier in the month. Maybe this weekend I can get back into that verse novel, and roll some poems out.

Tara has the Poetry Friday round-up this week at A Teaching Life, so skip across and check out all the great links. Thanks, Tara!

PS – Since posting this, I’m reminded (via Catherine’s post) of a second poem I wrote this week… about nothing. Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t remember it? The poem was as a result of a challenge on Michelle’s blog. I probably should share it…


I’ve nothing to write
and nothing to say
because nothing has happened
tonight or today.
Nothing is planned
and nothing is new,
so nothing is what
I am going to do.
So take nothing from me;
I’ve nothing to give.
Nothing is wrong –
nothing’s left to forgive.

© Kathryn Apel 2016



  1. Oh, I like the little twist at the end of your nothing poem! You capture perfectly how I often feel — some days feel like the ones before but when I really focus on looking, I find a tiny something to celebrate.


    • Thanks, Keri. In truth, I wrote that poem on a day that we DID have things planned. But I read Michelle’s poem in response to the challenge and didn’t want to miss the fun of playing around with nothing. That last line was a pest! I wanted ‘nothing to forgive’ – but needed the extra beat for rhythm. So compromised.


  2. Doubly blessed is how I’m feeling from your two poems. The first is a visual treat on two counts. I love what you’ve done with art, fonts, point size, punctuation, and white space. And! thanks to your open, deliberate presentation, for the first time ever, I’ve noticed the connection between “action” and “satisf-action.” …Concerning the second poem, I still am smiling, enjoying the fast-paced journey that left me quite satisfied with everything! God bless you!


  3. The Ribbits are wonderful little learners who have energy and stamina as they leap and learn. Have a wonderful year with them. Poem #2 about nothing is equally as fun. I am sure that your learners will enjoy both.


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