Fidget Feet Reading and Writing Prompt

Today I’m linking to a reading of my poem ‘Fit as a Fidget’, shared with some of the other happy hoppy contributors to HOP TO IT: POEMS TO GET YOU MOVING compiled by Janet Wang and Sylvia Vardell and published by Pomelo Books.

AND… I thought I’d share a writing prompt to follow it up.

Writing Prompt:

My fidget feet are fab – but there’s
some things feet cannot do.
That’s why it’s really handy to
have fiddle fingers, too!

Do you have fiddle fingers? Wouldn’t it be fun for those fiddle fingers to tap out their own poem? What would they have to say for themselves?

This week’s Poetry Friday is hosted by Robyn at Life on the Deckle Edge. Be sure to click back and read Robyn’s hiking poem ‘Trail Ready‘, also included in HOP TO IT! (Robyn has thought of absolutely everything!😅)


  1. At my daughter’s birthday celebration last night, we talked a lot of what they can do to help with the grand- girls’ need for lots of exercise. In school versus home school is simply not taking enough energy. They have “fidget” bodies, too! Love your poem, just like it is!

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    • I can imagine there is energy to burn in houses all over the world, at the moment – and for sure in your granddaughters’! I hope they have fun finding creative ways to expel energy. Somehow, I think they will…


  2. I love your fidget poem with its fabulous beat and thoughts, Kat. It looks like you had quite a peanut gallery in the background. I do have fidget fingers that want to type, type, type my poems. I sent a tweet out about your post.

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