Fit as a Fidget – Hoppy Feet!

I have been determined to blog for Poetry Friday this week, but it wasn’t until I sat down to write the post that it registered … This is launch week for the new poetry anthology HOP TO IT: POEMS TO GET YOU MOVING, compiled by Syliva Vardell and Janet Wong and published by Pomelo Books. This is particularly exciting, because, I have a poem in the collection, alongside so many friends!

HOP TO IT: POEMS TO GET YOU MOVING is an anthology of 100 new poems by 90 poets—with STEM and social studies connections, thematic mini-lessons, read aloud tips, and useful activities to help maximize student learning and social-emotional development. Poems involve the whole body and incorporate a wide variety of movements – even deskercise – and current topics, such as life during a pandemic, wearing masks, virtual learning…

My poem was inspired by an active little lad I taught – and his Grandma’s reference to his fidget feet. (We call them jigglers, in our family.) I’ll be sharing my poem as a part of the Pomelo Books Zoom Poetry Party, happening this Saturday at 10am Qld-time. (Which is Friday, 7pm Central Time for American/Canadian peeps.) If you’d like to join us for the party, drop me an email, or a comment, and I’ll send you the link. 🙂

Meanwhile, time to get as fit as a fidget!

Janice Scully is hosting Poetry Friday today at Salt City Verse. I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one sharing snippets from HOP TO IT this week.


    • I read once that tumbling down hills and climbing trees, etc, helps develop muscles for body control and spacial awareness – and sitting still in a classroom does not. So expecting them to sit still is firstly an impossibility, and secondly, perpetuating the problem. I’m hoping these days of home-based learning might have enabled more rolling around on the floor, and roughhousing movement! (I suspect there has been some climbing the walls.🤪)

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  1. Fun poem, Kat! Sounds just like my son’s jiggly knee. It’s not easy sitting next to him while watching a movie, but he knows I’ll put up with it. 🙂 I’m sorry I won’t be able to watch you read aloud tonight. (I’ll be reading next week.)

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    • We had a fun group get together, Michelle. First sighting of Robyn Hood Black! And so lovely to see Janet F and Linda KT again! (I spied Jone at last week’s author meet.) Oh these ‘face-to-face’ gatherings have been so lovely!! (A pre-6am start for next week’s is not so lovely, though…🤪)

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  2. Oh, I love that final line, Kat, never go to sleep indeed! My youngest granddaughter will love this I’m sure. Along with fidget feet, she has a tumbling body, often somersaults into a chair instead of only sitting! Congrats for being in the book, too!

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  3. I love your fidget feet! I also love my copy of PFAMS, compiled by these same editors, so maybe I should order this one, too! Ruth,

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  4. Kat, I love the idea of a new Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell poetry book with current topics, such as life during a pandemic, wearing masks, and virtual learning. This is so timely. Congratulations for being one of the poet writers, Kat. Your poem is full of verve and fast-paced rhyme. You must have enjoyed writing this one. Is there a replay of the Zoom Party. I missed it.

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    • There’s not a replay of the party, Carol, but they have recorded snippets that they’re looking to use as resources, though that probably won’t be until next year. There is another Zoom meet happening next week? But I’d have to be up at 5am… and I’m sooooo not a morning person!

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  5. Ah Kat so good to see you on Zoom and to squirm about with your delightful (and true) poem. I taught for over 40 years and surely know the signs!!! This is a great addition to teachers everywhere and poetry. Broadening the sphere in one volume! So many kids will find themselves in your poem!

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    • It was so lovely to see you again, Janet! I wanted to gush… but I also didn’t want to derail the meet. I’m looking forward to getting the book, with your beautiful poem in it. (I was so glad that Janet shared your side bubbles, so that those who were at the meet, but not in the anthology, could see how it is presented, in the book.)

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      • Oh thank you so much, Kat. I hope I can come to Australia again some day. I loved it when I came with a group of kids and 3 other friends who were the delegation leaders for People to People’s Student Ambassador program. We of course toured Sidney, the Sun Coast for a few nights, then up to the WhitSunday Islands and a stay on Long Island. Some time in a fun outback camp!! And Bondi Beach. We stopped on the way north in a town where the dairy farmers had a historic museum and made our lunches. It was a dream. I also love Aussie, Brian Cambourne. I hope many children will feel encouraged by my poem to believe in themselves!!!


  6. Congrats on being included in such a fun anthology with such a fun and ‘fidgety” poem, Kat!
    Being named Bridget, one of my big brothers seized on a way to tease me when my mom commented on how I’d fidget at inopportune times by calling me Bridget the Fidget. Luckily, my fidgety ways have helped me to stay active well into adulthood. 🙂


  7. Love this poem about fidget feet! I’ve had a few of those in my classes over the years. I am so excited to be a part of this anthology with you and so many of our PF friends.


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