After the Rain

Slipping in a little late in the day (night!) with my Poetry Friday post, inspired by my evening walk.

After the Rain

A relay,
      a medley,
a tag team,
      a chorus;
up the street,
around the block,
through the suburb
and across the town;
      after the rain,
before the weekend,
      after the heat,
before the sun sets,
      after a fine day,
before the next deluge;
and droning,
and whining,
a buzz of mowers
      cuts a swathe through
luscious lengths of
green grassy

ยฉ Kathryn Apel

Catherine is collecting the links for this week’s round-up, at Reading to the Core. She’s also reviewing ‘a spectacular gift to poetry lovers of all ages’. You’ll have to click across to read (and see) more. Thanks, Catherine!


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